The Sky Is Not Falling. You Won’t Have To Pay For Facebook.

There’s always a ton of whining about the Facebook layout whenever it changes. But perhaps what’s even more irritating is the notion that Facebook is going to charge people to use its website. Groups have sprouted up demanding that Facebook not charge its users, lest it lose many of its members. Let’s take a look at this idea for a minute, using logic:

Facebook became one of the biggest sites on the web because it is FREE to use.

Facebook makes money from advertisements.

The more eyeballs are on the Facebook website, the more money Facebook makes.

Were Facebook to start charging for membership, most people would not pay, due to the availability of free substitutes like MySpace and Twitter.

With most of its member base gone, Facebook would not earn any advertising revenue.

There would be no value to a paid Facebook membership with most of the people leaving for a substitute service.

Therefore, there is no logical reason why Facebook would shoot itself in the foot, and destroy its enormous member base which contributes to its incredible net worth.

The next time you jump on one of these “The Sky Is Falling” bandwagon groups demanding that Facebook not charge people, take a minute to think. Why in the world would they do something that stupid?