3 Terrible Marketing Ploys We Can Live Without

A sucker is definitely born every minute, and that’s what keeps companies from pulling a fast one on us! Here are three marketing gimmicks that the world would be much better off without:

You Have To Call Right Now!

Funny thing, I didn’t call now… but the commercial came on again the following week. False advertising perhaps? Also related, “Quantities Are Limited” and “This Is A Limited Time Offer”.

New And Improved!

If it’s new, there’s nothing to improve upon. If it’s improved… then it’s just a different version of something that already exists. So it can be one, or the other — but not both!

Payday and Auto Title Loans

They make it sound like they’re empowering people. But how is giving someone a loan at a usurious interest rate empowering? Avoid these like the plague!