Should You Buy Magic Booster Packs, or Magic Singles?

In a booster pack you may have a chance at getting an expensive mythic rare, but you can often end up with nothing valuable. Magic singles can often be a bit pricey, but you can get exactly what you are looking for. So how do you pick between buying booster packs, or Magic singles?

The Collector

If you’re an avid collector, booster packs (and boxes) can be a great way to flesh out your Magic collection. You’ll get a good mix of cards from the set. If you’re looking to build a complete set, you can start by cracking boosters and then trading or buying the last cards that you need as Magic singles.

The Casual Player

Booster packs can give you a wide variety of cards to use in many different decks. If you enjoy deckbuilding, and take pride in having a wide arsenal of decks to battle with, booster packs offer a convenient way to acquire new cards for all your decks. (If you’re not concerned with obtaining high value cards, and want more cards for your dollar, Magic repacks are even better.)

The Tournament Player

If you only have one or two competitive decks, purchasing the cards you need as Magic singles can be a time and money-saver. By focusing only on the cards you need for your tournament deck, you avoid wasting money on anything that’s unnecessary.

The Trader

If you do a lot of trading with other Magic players, cracking boosters is the way to go. You can trade the cards you don’t need for ones you do. If you’re good at trading, you can increase the value of your collection with each trade. Opening boosters from the newest set is a great way to guarantee you’ll have cards people are looking to trade for.