Is It Worth Buying Magic The Gathering Repacks?

You may have seen Magic repacks in several forms on both eBay and Magic websites. Repacks are hand-packed mock up booster packs of Magic cards. Some promise a chance at getting an expensive rare, while others contain a cheap mix of cards. How do you know if you’re getting a good deal on Magic cards when buying repacks?

You Can’t Expect Specific Cards

No sane vendor would let a Jace or Tezzeret go for just a couple bucks – well, at least not without selling enough bulk to make up for it! When buying any product containing a random assortment of cards, keep in mind you are never guaranteed any specific card. The best way to pick up specific cards you’re looking for is to buy them as Magic singles instead of leaving it to chance.

Magic Repacks With Prizes

Some eBay sellers will put premium rares in some of their repacks, and charge more for the repacks. Like with booster packs, you may get something nice, or end up with a pile of useless cards. Unlike booster packs, though, repacks are made by hand. You can look at a seller’s feedback, but you can never truly know how many premium rares are really being included. Buying repacks with prizes can be like going to a very shady back-alley casino. If you’re buying repacks that promise a chance at winning something big, you might very well be better off buying a lottery ticket!

Magic Repacks Without Prizes

The most common type of repack is the single set, booster box repack. Some Magic stores will open booster boxes, sell the more valuable cards as singles, and repack the rest of the cards. If you are looking for expensive rare cards, this isn’t for you – you want booster packs or Magic singles. But if you’re looking to build your collection cheaply, a $30 box of Magic repacks gets you just as many rares, uncommons, and commons as a $100 booster box. This type of Magic repack is extremely cost effective for a beginner looking to expand his or her Magic collection.