10 Things To Do During Your WoW Dungeon Finder Queue Time

Entering the random dungeon finder as a DPS usually means you’re going to have to wait a half hour or more before your dungeon is ready. Instead of waiting in Stormwind (or Orgrimmar) here are ten productive things you can do to pass the time while you’re waiting for your WoW dungeon group to fill up.

The first 5 items are things you can do in-game:

1. Daily Quests. Cooking and fishing daily quests can be done without leaving the city, and are a good way to make gold while leveling these secondary professions. Tol Barad daily quests are also great for making gold, as the monsters you will fight in Tol Barad Peninsula drop valuable cloth, green items and gold – in addition to the gold and reputation you will earn from completing the quests.

2. Stock Up on Consumables. Running low on potions, flasks, buff food, or bandages? Stock up at the AH, or craft them while you’re waiting for your dungeon group.

3. Go Farming. 30 minutes spent farming for herbs or ore can potentially make you a few hundred gold when sold on the auction house.

4. Level Your Professions. If you haven’t maxed all your primary and secondary professions, take a few minutes to catch them up. Not only will you earn achievement points, but maxing your professions can help later on.

5. Go Shopping. The auction house is full of bargains, you just need to search to find them. Spotting under-priced items and re-listing them at their proper price is a great way to make gold, and is also incredibly fun!

The next 5 items are things you can do outside of WoW:

6. Read a WoW Blog. As long as you have background sound turned on and can hear when your dungeon group is ready, why not take a minute and read up on the latest strategies for your class and talent specialization?

7. Visit Your Guild’s Website. If your guild has a website, it’s good to drop in from time to time to see any recent news. What better time than when you’re waiting for your dungeon?

8. Visit Your Realm’s Website. Each realm has an official forum on Blizzard’s website. There you can find out about guild recruitment, recent happenings and events on your server.

9. Watch Boss Strategy Videos. Watch how the pros do it at TankSpot.com. This is a great site that provides free instructional videos that explain boss fights in detail.

10. Start Your Own WoW Blog. Blogging can be a great way to keep a journal of your in-game experiences. It’s also a lot of fun!