Tips For Buying Magic The Gathering Cards Online

Buying Magic cards online can often be a lot cheaper than buying them at your local hobby store. However, price is not the only thing that needs to be considered when buying Magic cards on the internet. Here’s a few tips for smart Magic card shopping:

Check Customer Feedback

If the store you are buying from belongs to an online MTG marketplace such as Find Magic Cards, TCG Player, or All Magic Cards, or is a member of eBay, take a look through their feedback profile. Take note of the percentage of satisfied customers, and quantity of complaints. Take note of any recurring problems you see come up. A large total feedback score may mean a vendor does a lot of business, but the percentage of happy customers is what matters most.

Compare Prices – And More

It’s important to make sure you’re paying a fair price. You can use the price comparison sites listed above to see what cards are selling for. In addition to the price of the cards, you also need to take into account shipping (some stores offer free shipping) and sales tax (if buying from a store within your state). If you need your cards in a hurry, check the store’s shipping policies page to see how quickly they ship. Also check their geographic location. If a store is located closer to you, that could mean you get your cards a day or two sooner, assuming they ship promptly.

Good Communication Is Important

Sometimes a mistake will happen and you won’t get what you ordered. It can happen to anyone, and when it does it’s good to know it will be taken care of professionally and promptly. Does the website you are shopping at make it easy to get in contact with them? How fast do they reply to e-mails? Does the website have grammatical errors and typos? These are all good questions to ask yourself when you’re shopping online.