7 Basic Tips For Selling Your Magic Cards on eBay

Selling some of your Magic cards on eBay is a great way to raise some cash for buying new cards. Whether you are selling singles or a huge chunk of your collection, here are a few tips for making the most profit when you sell your Magic cards using eBay.

1. Research Completed Items

Filtering a search to show only completed items will give you a rough estimate of how much a particular Magic card has sold for recently, and how many have sold. Make sure to include both the sale price and shipping amount when comparing items, and to take note of any “red” items that did not receive bids.

2. Fixed Price vs. Auction – Choose Wisely

Selling your card using an auction format will guarantee it sells, but often result in a lower sale price than if you were to wait for a buyer to come along and buy it at a fixed price listing. The choice to sell using an auction or fixed price listing boils down to how quickly you want to sell your Magic cards. If you don’t need the money right away, it may be better to list your cards at a fixed price and wait for a buyer.

3. Be As Accurate As Possible

List as much information as you can about your Magic cards. What condition are the cards in? What sets are they from? If selling a large lot, give as much detail as possible on what notable cards are included. Pictures (or scans) of your cards are extremely useful, too!

4. Price Your Cards Wisely

If you decide to list at a fixed price, make sure to price your cards similarly to other sellers in the marketplace. If you’re using an auction, start your bid low enough to encourage bidding, but not lower than you are comfortable selling the item at. Starting your listing for under a buck can save you the most on fees, and is pretty safe to do with any card that is widely in demand.

5. Ship Quickly and Safely

Use top-loaders to ship your Magic cards, and use tracking when possible. The sooner your buyer gets the cards, the quicker you’ll receive positive feedback. Standard practice is usually to ship the next business day, so it’s good to note in your listings if you are not able to ship daily.

6. Good Communication Is Key

Buyers may e-mail you questions about your Magic cards or the status of their order. Do your best to respond quickly and accurately. Sometimes a sale can be made simply by replying to your prospective buyer faster than another vendor that they’ve contacted.

7. Have a PayPal Account

While this may seem blatantly obvious, it cannot be ignored. Not having a PayPal account will put you at a huge disadvantage, as just about every other seller on eBay will be accepting PayPal. Only accepting payment through the mail may have worked 10 years ago but today it’s no longer an option. An exception for this might be if you’re dealing with an item of very large value. For selling a few Magic cards, accepting PayPal is the way to go.