7 Basic Tips For Buying Magic Cards on eBay

Buying Magic singles on eBay can be a much cheaper alternative to buying them at your local comic book store. However, there are also a few more things you need to be cautious about. Here are some questions to keep in mind while shopping for Magic cards on eBay:

1. Check The Seller’s Feedback

What is the seller’s total feedback score? Are they a top-rated seller? What is their percent of satisfied customers? How many complaints have they had in the last 6 months? These are all questions you can find the answer to by looking at a seller’s eBay feedback profile. If there is a high quantity of complaints and/or negative feedback, it may be best to choose another vendor to buy from!

2. Check the Item Details

What condition are the cards in? What set are they from? The item description should answer basic questions about the Magic cards you’re buying.

3. Check the Payment Details

What payment methods are accepted? Most sellers accept PayPal but it never hurts to double check. If you can’t pay with PayPal, it’s even more important to make sure the seller will accept your method of payment.

4. Check the Shipping Details

How much will shipping and handling cost? Does the seller offer combined shipping? How quickly does the seller ship? Make sure you know before bidding or buying.

5. Auction vs. Fixed Price

If you need a card immediately, using Buy It Now will guarantee that you get what you’re looking for. If you’re more flexible about when you can get the cards, bidding on auction-style listings can often get you the Magic cards you’re looking for at a slight discount over buying them outright.

6. Know the Market Value

Use a completed items search to find out how much the Magic cards you’re looking for have recently sold for. This will help you determine the acceptable price range for what you’re looking to buy.

7. Ask Questions

If there are any questions the item listing did not answer, send the seller an e-mail and ask them. A quick, accurate response from the seller is a good sign. If they ignore your e-mail, you should think twice about whether they deserve your business!