5 WoW Cataclysm Enchanting Formulas To Make Gold With

Here are five Cataclysm enchanting formulas that (depending on your server’s economy) can potentially make you a nice profit. One common characteristic of these enchants is that they aren’t commonly used while leveling, which means you won’t be competing with a frenzy of competition from people looking to unload their scrolls for cheap. Your only competition will be coming from other scroll makers!

Enchant Chest – Mighty Stats

For just 2 Lesser Celestial Essence you can craft this enchant which grants +15 stats. This can be used by many classes and sells very quickly on the auction house. Because the cost to craft this scroll is so low, you can often triple or quadruple your money depending on market conditions!

Enchant Weapon – Hurricane

This scroll is a bit more expensive to craft, requiring six each of Heavenly Shard and Volatile Air. You may not make as much markup as with the previous enchant, but you will often sell this scroll in pairs! Check your auction house periodically for cheap volatiles and shards, as you’ll be crafting many of these.

Enchant Boots – Haste

This is a solid enchant you can probably double your money with, or better. 50 haste to boots is great for many classes, and the cost to make this enchant is relatively low: two Hypnotic Dust and one Greater Celestial Essence.

Enchant Bracer – Dodge

Giving 50 dodge to boots, this enchant is a good money maker; but be prepared to sell these scrolls a bit more slowly. Sometimes the market conditions will allow you to triple your money with this scroll, if your timing is good. You will need five Greater Celestial Essences and one Volatile Air to craft this scroll.

Enchant Weapon – Avalanche

This is probably the riskiest of all the five enchants in this article. It is also rather expensive to craft, requiring six Greater Celestial Essence and four Hypnotic Dust. Avalanche is a somewhat popular enchant that you can make decent gold with if you’re able to acquire celestial essences at a decent price. It’s worth including in your arsenal of scrolls, and will help you reach the WoW gold cap a little bit faster!