10 Great Tips For Power Leveling Your Alts in WoW Cataclysm

Leveling a character in World of Warcraft is a lot easier the second time around. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the core game mechanics and experienced many of the quests and dungeons, it’s easy to do again. With the addition of heirloom items and guild perks, it’s never been easier to power level a character in WoW. Here are 10 quick tips to speed up your power leveling:

1. Heirloom Items: Heirloom chest and shoulder armor each give 10% bonus XP from quests and mobs up until level 80. You can purchase these, as well as heirloom weapons and trinkets (no XP gain) from the Justice Points vendor. Once your guild has reached a high enough level, heirloom cloaks and helms will also boost your alt’s XP by an additional 5% each up until level 85. These heirlooms can be purchased at the guild vendor.

2. Bags: Depending on how much gold you have available, equip your new character with the best bags you are comfortable buying. Netherweave bags (16 slot) do the job just fine, but if you have the means to purchase Frostweave bags (20 slot) then go for it! Bigger bags mean more time power leveling, and fewer trips to the vendor.

3. Gold: Don’t forget to send your new toon some gold for training, shopping, mounts, etc. There’s no reason to wander around Azeroth broke!

4. Questing: Pick up all quests as you level. Complete all quests at one hub before beginning any quests at the next hub. This will minimize your travel time, and increase the amount of XP you gain per hour.

5. Twinking: While it’s not crucial to obtain the best possible gear with the best possible enchants, as it will all be quickly replaced – it’s important to have good enough gear to allow you to survive fighting a couple of mobs your level. Use the auction house to fill in gaps in your character’s armor. This will help you complete quests faster, and die less.

6. Buffs: Buff food, elixirs, and other consumables will all keep you running at maximum efficiency. Craft them yourself, or pick them up at your local AH!

7. Dungeons: Dungeons give a huge boost to your XP, from both the mobs and quests located inside. You will also obtain most of your gear upgrades from dungeons, both from bosses and dungeon quests. Try to do each dungeon at least once using the WoW dungeon finder. Complete as many as you can as random dungeons, for the bonus XP and loot. Work on quests while you are waiting in the dungeon finder queue.

8. Rest XP: Taking a break every now and then will provide a quick couple of level-ups upon your return. Make sure to log out in an Inn or major city.

9. Grinding: Once upon a time, grinding gave questing a run for its money. While questing is still a faster way to level, it’s often worth spending a few minutes killing a few extra mobs if you’re already in a good place to do so. For instance, if you’re a skinner and there are a lot of extra bears wandering around that are near your level. If it’s not out of your way, why not rack up some extra XP and loot?

10. Google: If you’re stuck on a quest, or need help figuring out the best way to play your class, never fear. Google has all the answers you seek!