5 Tips for Making Gold Buying and Selling Enchanting Scrolls in WoW

A long time ago, the only way to enchant another player’s gear was to open a trade window. With Enchanting Vellum, an enchant can be stored for later use, sold or traded. This has opened up an entirely new market, as other players can shop for scrolls on the auction house instead of having to find an enchanter (and possibly gather the required materials). Here’s a few handy tricks for making lots of gold buying and selling these enchanting scrolls in World of Warcraft.

Tip #1: Know Your Approximate Materials Cost

It’s important to be aware of the relative price of dusts, essences, shards, crystals, volatiles, and anything else used for crafting enchantments. This way you can know the approximate crafting cost of an enchant. Also, when you see materials on the AH for cheap, you can quickly pick them up and either re-list them or use them for crafting scrolls.

Tip #2: Use WoW Auction House Add-Ons To Automate Tasks

Use Auctioneer or Auctionator to help with posting auctions more easily. Use Advanced Trade Skill Window or Trade Skill Master to help in the production of your scrolls. You don’t need all of these add ons, but it’s a good idea to try them out and see which ones you find the most helpful. The more you are able to automate your auction house routines, the quicker you can make more gold.

Tip #3: Craft Enchant Scrolls With High Profit Margins

Ideally you want to be crafting scrolls that you can make a healthy profit on, both percentage wise and total gold amount. Using an add-on such as ATSW or TSM will help you filter out the less profitable enchants. Not all of your scrolls will sell immediately, and some will fluctuate in value – but if you work with the information you have available, you should be able to turn an easy profit without much risk.

Tip #4: Buy Out Your Competition If They’re Too Cheap

The auction house is chock full of enchanting scrolls that were created in bulk while leveling up enchanting. These are always in constant supply, usually at a very small fraction of their crafting cost. Many of these scrolls do have enough demand that you can buy out the under-priced scrolls and re-list at an incredible profit. While you may end up with a huge hoard of intellect to cloak scrolls, the profit potential could make it worthwhile if you can buy them cheap enough!

Tip #5: Sell a Wide Variety of Enchant Scrolls

Once you’ve found all of the enchants that you can make a reasonable profit with, it’s time to craft just a handful of each. Try and sell as many different scrolls as you can, to capture as much of the market as you can. Only post a couple at a time on the Auction House as you will most likely be undercut. Using TradeSkillMaster will help automate the process of canceling and re-listing scrolls you have been undercut on. The more you sell, the more you’ll start to notice with which enchants you are encountering the most competition. You can either be aggressive and camp the AH, or simply put your assets into other scrolls where you don’t have competition.