WoW Random Dungeon Finder Loot Etiquette – Need, Greed, or Disenchant?

5-man dungeons are a great way to gain experience, upgrade your gear, and improve your skills. One of the major headaches for dungeon finder groups is loot drama. Don’t let a misunderstanding ruin your dungeon finder experience, when you can resolve disagreements over loot with these simple tips.

When To Roll Need

If an item that drops is an upgrade for you in your current spec (i.e. a tanking item, if your role in the dungeon group is to tank) then it’s generally acceptable to roll need. If you’re not sure, you can always ask the rest of the group if it’s okay for you to need the item. If the item is an upgrade for your off-spec (i.e. a tanking item, if your role in the dungeon group is damage) then ask before needing. At the very least, wait until everyone else has rolled without anyone choosing need.

When To Roll Greed or Disenchant

If you can’t use the loot, either Greed or Disenchant (if available). If you’re not an enchanter, or not very familiar with selling on the auction house, stick with Greed and sell the item to a vendor. (If you can use the item, don’t let it get disenchanted! Roll need, after asking the rest of the group if you aren’t sure.)

When You Win Someone Else’s Item (According to Them!)

Sometimes you will win an item that you truly need, and be faced with an irate party member who also wanted your item. The easiest way to resolve this problem, of course, is to simply let them have the item. If the item is only a small upgrade for you, it’s probably a good idea to do this. If it’s a major upgrade for you, let them know and link the item you were using before. If they are still upset, then all you can do is remind them that you won it fair and square! The ignore button is there for a reason.

When Someone Wins Your Item

The same rules apply from the previous situation. If it’s only a small upgrade for you, there’s no need to be upset as you’ll soon get an even better upgrade. If the item is a major upgrade for you, you can link your item and kindly ask if they’ll trade you what dropped. They may say no, but sometimes you may find that they’re more than happy to trade it to you if you show it’s a big upgrade for you (if it’s not a big upgrade for them).

Accidental & Intentional Ninja Looting

If the other player is rolling on an item that they can’t use – or is better suited for your armor type (i.e. a paladin rolling on cloth without asking first) then the best you can do is to kindly explain to them that the item is intended for your class. If they refuse to trade you the item, you might be able to vote kick them. If that doesn’t work, drop group and re-queue. Why play with ninja looters?

Keep It All In Perspective

Especially while you’re still leveling, gear gets replaced quickly. Just because you missed out on a specific item doesn’t mean your character will suffer; in a few levels you’ll have a way better item. If you’re already at the maximum level, even epics will be replaced in a few months’ time, when the next tier of armor is released. Don’t let one lost roll ruin your gaming time!