3 Reasons Why Most People Will Never Make Money Outside Their Job

There are many great ways to make money without having to work a traditional job. The internet has changed the way we live, work, and do business on a global scale, and with these changes come opportunity. But even with the full knowledge of how to find these opportunities and make money with them, the honest truth is that most people will never end up leaving their day job to be their own boss. Here are three of the biggest obstacles that stop people from becoming entrepreneurs:

1. You’re Holding on to Old Beliefs That Are No Longer True

Back in 1950s post-war America, there was a simple formula for success. You got a high school diploma, got a nice factory job, and the company you worked for would take care of you and your family for life. Later in the century, the formula changed – a college degree was necessary, and two incomes became necessary instead of just one, just to make ends meet. But now, with college degrees losing most of their value, perhaps it’s time to let go of our old beliefs and take a step forward.

Working hard is crucial to your success, but it has its limits. When you work at a job, you are forced to trade your time for money. The minute you stop working, you stop getting paid. In essence you become a slave to your job! No one wants to admit this, but doing so is the first step on your journey to becoming financially free. Entrepreneurs work hard, but they don’t trade their time for money. Instead, they work hard and get paid for a lifetime from the fruits of their efforts!

2. You Aren’t Willing To Invest In Your Business

Starting a new business requires the most important investment of all – investment in yourself! The cost of this investment is both money and effort. Depending on what kind of business you are starting, the money part may or may not play a huge role. An internet start-up can be opened with pocket change; the main issue is usually whether you’re willing to put in the effort it takes to build your business.

Similar to good exercise habits – if you make a small time investment every day into your business, the results will eventually be too great to be ignored! Your fortune will not be made overnight, but with small consistent efforts over time. Your willingness to continue to invest in yourself – even when you aren’t seeing any results yet – will determine your success or failure.

3. You Don’t Truly Believe It’s Possible

Perhaps you’re the kind of person who believes that all the good ideas are taken, or that it’s simply not possible to be your own boss because “everyone else is doing it.” If that’s your reason for not going into business for yourself, then the joke is most certainly on you! You don’t need an original idea to become financially free. Perhaps if you want to make billions, you might need something original – but for the kind of money it would take to replace your salary, originality is far from necessary. Just ask any franchise owner!

Find a proven formula for success that’s worked for others, and find a way to make it work for you. Your attitude must be positive, no exceptions! Others will come along and try to talk you down, but you can’t let them stop you. No matter what other people may think, you have to truly believe that it’s possible to succeed. Reading motivational blogs and business publications are good ways to stay motivated. Most of all, surround yourself with successful, positive people to help you stay encouraged!