How I Made My First 200,000 WoW Gold on the Auction House

Having finally passed the 200,000 gold milestone, I thought I would share some insights into the regular routines that I use to produce several thousand WoW gold per day with minimal time investment!

Picking Tradeskills

My rogue is a maxed scribe and my paladin a maxed enchanter/blacksmith. I would estimate that 90% of my gold is made through Enchanting and about 10% through Inscription. I don’t spend a lot of time making glyphs as it’s incredibly time consuming compared to enchanting. Additionally, with the glyph changes in Cataclysm, the market is slower moving, and is still prone to lots of undercutting. The amount of gold that can be made per hour is simply a lot higher for enchanting, at least from my experience.

The important thing is that you pick a trade skill that is right for you. Any profession can be profitable if you gather the materials cheaply, and pick profitable products with consistent demand. Some professions will have more profitable niches than others, which can make you lots of gold if you’re willing to explore them.

Buying Materials

Buying items to use for crafting is an ongoing process. Instead of buying mats right when you need them, you can save a lot of gold by acquiring them throughout the week at a lower price threshold. I use the TradeSkillMaster add-on to scan the Auction House for green items that can be disenchanted for cheap enchanting mats once or twice per day. This only takes a few minutes, and allows me to craft enchanting scrolls more profitably by reducing the material cost. I gather mats throughout the week and spend just 1-2 hours crafting per week.

Picking Items to Craft

Once you’ve got a nice stockpile of materials, it’s time to pick items to sell. TradeSkillMaster works wonders for helping you pick profitable crafts to make, but numbers only give you part of the picture. Any item you craft needs to both be profitable and in demand. You can go through your crafting menu and add up the cost of the materials compared to what the craft sells for on the auction house.

Be warned, though – the asking price only tells half the story. Just because there’s an item listed for 1000 gold doesn’t mean anyone is purchasing it for 1000 gold! Supply is half of the equation; you must also consider demand. For this reason, it’s important to familiarize yourself with market values before crafting an item in bulk. Start by crafting a few of each item that you think you can profit with, and get to know the range of sale prices you can reasonably expect.

Auction House Listing, Cancelling, and Re-Listing

TradeSkillMaster really shines when it comes to listing items in bulk. I always undercut by one copper, as there’s no reason to undercut further. Before listing all of my enchant scrolls I have TSM scan for all items I’ve been undercut on, and cancel them. After retrieving them from my mailbox I then post my scrolls. Canceling and re-listing scrolls twice per day takes about 15 minutes total.

I probably make about 3,000 to 5,000 gold of profit per day from selling a selection of 30-40 different enchanting scrolls. It only takes an investment of a few minutes a day and isn’t hard work by any means. If only making money was this easy in real life!