How To Find Magic The Gathering Tournament Locations

Magic The Gathering is a lot more fun when you have a group of people to play with! Whether you’ve just moved somewhere new, or are looking to find more Magic players in your area, here are some tips to help get you find Magic tournaments near you:

Sanctioned Magic: The Gathering Tournaments

Wizards of the Coast has a tool on their website that will let you search for a store in your area. Click “Play” at the top, type in your city or postal code, and a date range. You can also select which types of games and events you’re looking for. Click on “Get Map” and a list of locations will appear. You can click on each store’s name to see a list of events in the date range you’ve chosen. DCI sanctioned tournaments contribute to player ratings and rankings, and often have additional prize support from Wizards of the Coast.

Non-Sanctioned Magic: The Gathering Tournaments

You may also be able to find non-sanctioned tournaments in your area. Hobby stores in your area are the first place you should look. College campuses can also be a good place to meet up with Magic players, as almost every campus has a gaming club or organization. Additionally, sites like offer a way to find and connect with Magic players in your area to start a group.

How To Get Your Tournaments Sanctioned by the DCI

Visit the Wizards Play Network (WPN) Organizer Resource Page for details on how you can get your tournaments sanctioned. You do not need to own a store (or have a judge) for some kinds of events, but you may for others. The WPN website has all the information you need to start organizing sanctioned Magic tournaments!