Why Can’t eBay Sellers Leave Negative Feedback For Buyers?

The title of this blog post is a common lament I often see posted about eBay. Ever since eBay removed the seller’s ability to leave bad feedback for a troublesome customer, sellers have constantly been whining about it being one-sided. However, there is a completely logical reason for this. And even if there wasn’t – there are bigger things to be concerned about!

Imagine brick and mortar businesses leaving negative feedback about their customers through the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Sound ridiculous? Of course it does. In the world of business, the customer is not the one who gets rated. There are always going to be customers who are upset or act irrationally. That doesn’t mean that as a seller, you need to act irrationally too!

Leaving negative feedback for a buyer won’t do anything to help improve your business. Even if it was still possible to leave bad feedback for a buyer, this is not a practice you want prospective customers to see you engaging in anyway. Imagine walking into a store where the owner ridiculed the customers publicly. Is this a place you’d want to do business? Of course not.

The occasional red mark on your eBay profile isn’t the end of the world. If a customer is unreasonable, and it was not your fault – getting too upset is a waste of energy. You can’t control such irrational customer behavior; the best thing to do is simply accept it and move on. Instead of looking to retaliate against a few problem customers, you should be focusing on growing your business. Finding discounted merchandise to resell, listing auctions, promoting your website – these are much better ways to spend your time. Revenge doesn’t pay the bills!