5 Ways to Reduce Your WoW Dungeon Finder Queue Time

After finally having some free time to play WoW, have you ever logged on ready to run a dungeon, only to find yourself with a dungeon finder queue time of a half hour or more? If you play a damage dealing role, this situation may sound very familiar. Here are a few tips to helping you find a dungeon group quicker using the WoW dungeon finder, and spend less time waiting!

Try Tanking or Healing

If your class has tanking or healing talents, there’s no better way to reduce your dungeon finder queue time than to try a new role. With dual talent specialization, you can learn a second talent at level 30 for just a few silver. If you’re new to tanking or healing, practicing in normal-mode dungeons (especially low level ones) is a great place to start. As you become more comfortable playing these roles, and acquire the proper gear, you can work your way into heroic-mode dungeons without the long wait!

With A Little Help From Your Friends

Unfortunately, for mages, rogues, warlocks, and hunters, tanking or healing is not an option. Or perhaps you’re just not ready to get your feet wet at tanking or healing yet. No matter what the reason, it pays to find a good tank or healer friend that you can queue up with. In many larger guilds, it’s often as simple as waiting for a tank or healer to log on and ask for DPS! If you don’t know many tanks or healers on your server, join up with a large guild and your grouping opportunities will increase.

Planning Around Your Queue Time

This “trick” isn’t so much a way to reduce your queue time, as to counteract the effect of having to wait around for a long time. If you know the queue will last a half hour, take a 15 minute break to go do something else. Do some daily quests, sell items on the auction house, or level your fishing up. This way at least you don’t feel like you are sitting around waiting for your dungeon group. Here are a few ideas for things to do while waiting for your dungeon.

Stay For An Encore

Once you’ve completed a dungeon run, stay in the group and you may find that the tank is interested in queuing up again. It never hurts to ask in advance, either. If you are polite and courteous, this can be a great way to line up another dungeon run without the wait.

Plan A Dungeon Run

If you are in a smaller guild that struggles to get a group together due to lack of membership, work with your guildies to find an hour time slot that works for at least three people (at least one who is a tank or healer, hopefully!) This way you can complete guild dungeon challenges, and help your guild level up.