How to Complete WoW Guild Dungeon Challenges

Guild Dungeon Challenges are a great way to help your guild level up quickly and earn guild perks faster. Up to seven guild dungeon challenges can be completed each week (in addition to one raid challenge, and three battleground challenges.) The dungeon challenges are by far the easiest to complete. At 300,000 guild XP per challenge, that’s a total of 2.1 million XP just for the dungeon challenges alone!

Step 1 – Form a Guild Group

A guild group means that at least 3 people in the group are members of your guild. All of the group members must be able to queue for a particular dungeon, so they will need to be in the same level range. A party containing 4 or 5 guild members will provide extra guild reputation and XP gains from defeating dungeon bosses, but only 3 are required to receive credit for the guild challenge.

The higher the dungeon level, the more guild XP and reputation will be awarded for boss kills. However, you don’t need to be high level to complete guild dungeon challenges! A group of three level 15 toons in Ragefire Chasm is perfectly sufficient to receive credit for a guild dungeon challenge.

Step 2 – Get in the Queue

You can either queue up for a random dungeon, or specific dungeon – either one will provide credit for the challenge. As long as everyone in the party is eligible to queue for a particular dungeon, it’s fair game for running to complete a guild challenge.

Step 3 – Complete the Dungeon

At least three guild members need to be in the party when the final boss goes down. When the end boss of the dungeon is beaten, your guild will receive 300,000 XP and credit for one weekly guild challenge. Complete 7 each week for an extra 2.1 million guild XP, it’s that easy!