How to Get the Leeroy Jenkins Title in Upper Blackrock Spire

Leeroy Jenkins made a name for himself in the epic UBRS wipe video when he charged into battle, pulling all the whelps before the group was ready. If you want to earn your Jenkins title and complete the Leeeeeeeeeeeeeroy! achievement, all you need to do is slay 50 Rookery Whelps within 15 seconds. At level 85 this can easily be done solo; at lower levels you may need a few friends to help out!

To get to Upper Blackrock Spire, head into Blackrock Mountain (either from Searing Gorge or Burning Steppes.) If you can fly, the entrance can be accessed directly through the terrace on the northern ring of the circle. Otherwise you can climb up through the eastern walkway.

Once inside, you will head up the stairs and to the left. The entire room must be cleared before the door will open to allow you to continue on. Upon entering Pyroguard Emberseer’s room, clicking the altar will activate the mobs surrounding him. After taking down those mobs, and the boss, you’re ready to head into the next room and become a Jenkins!

The Rookery is full of eggs that can be hatched by walking over them. After hatching a few dozen eggs, round up all the whelps, making sure not to damage them until they are all picked up. If you can kill 50 whelps in 15 seconds, you’ll be rewarded with the Jenkins title to proudly add to your name!