How To Get The “Critter Kill Squad” and “Crittergeddon” WoW Guild Achievements

Completing the Critter Kill Squad guild achievement awards members of your guild (who are revered with the guild) the ability to purchase an Armadillo Pup, a unique non-combat pet, from the guild vendor. In order to get Critter Kill Squad, your guild needs to lay waste to fifty thousand critters. (Crittergeddon requires 100,000 but does not provide any further rewards.) Here are a few quick tips for slaying the incredible amount of critters required for these achievements!

Critter Killing Was Made For Mages

Having a high level mage with Arcane Explosion is the easiest way to blow up tons of critters incredibly fast. If you are at least level 60 and have a flying mount, that will also help out quite a bit!

Terrorweb Tunnel – Eastern Plaguelands

The Terrorweb Tunnel is home to over two hundred critters that respawn every few minutes. The best way to farm this tunnel is to kill all of the critters and either log onto another toon for a few minutes, or leave the computer and come back to clear the tunnel again.

Iceberg Penguins – Borean Tundra & Howling Fjord

There are several icebergs off the coasts of these Northrend zones that are home to, collectively, hundreds of penguins. Flying around from one iceberg to the next will quickly boost your critter count.

Guild Teamwork – Divide and Conquer

With one guild member in Eastern Plaguelands, one in Borean Tundra, one in Howling Fjord, and everyone else killing critters while doing dungeons and quests, your critter tally will quickly add up. Having everyone in the guild contribute by slaying a few critters here and there can help out quite a bit!