How To Power Level Your Guild Reputation in World of Warcraft

Whether you’ve just joined a new guild, or are looking to raise your reputation with your current guild, earning guild reputation is a simple process. Guild reputation can be earned from completing quests, winning rated battlegrounds in a guild group, and defeating dungeon and raid bosses in a guild group. Here are a few tips for earning your weekly cap of 4,375 guild reputation without too much trouble.

Group Up For Daily Quests

The higher level the quest, the more guild reputation it will award. Because of this, level 85 quests are the best ones to do if you’re trying to raise your guild reputation. Tol Barad daily quests, Firelands daily quests, Cooking and Fishing dailies, and any other high level quests are a great way to power level your guild rep. Since daily quests are available every day, that makes it easy to group with guildies and work together to both raise your reputation and gain your guild some XP as well.

Group Up And Run Dungeons

With at least 3 guild members in a group, you’ll earn guild reputation for every boss that goes down. Having 4 guildies will earn twice as much rep as with 3. Bring a full party of guild members and you’ll earn even more. Chain-running high level dungeons with a full guild group will provide plenty of guild reputation, and help you earn your weekly reputation cap very quickly.

Raids and Battlegrounds

If your guild is well equipped to do raids and rated battlegrounds, doing these in a guild group will also give you guild reputation. Even classic raids will provide a tiny bit of guild rep, provided you have enough guildies in the group. Completing raid and battleground guild challenges will also award your guild a nice bonus of XP and gold!