How To Get the Frostbitten and Bloody Rare Achievements in WoW

The Frostbitten and Bloody Rare WoW achievements require you to hunt down every rare spawn in Northrend and Outland respectively. While these are definitely time consuming achievements to obtain, there are add-ons that make the process of rare mob hunting a lot easier. In addition to earning achievements, farming rare mobs also rewards you with plenty of gold, blue items, and other loot. Each Northrend rare mob drops an entire stack of Frostweave cloth! Here’s how you can find these rare mobs, for fun and profit.

Add-Ons Are The Key

The hard way to do these achievements is to look up each named mob on Wowhead and find their patrolling routes. However, there’s a much simpler method. Using the NPCScan and SilverDragon add-ons will help you in your rare spawn search. SilverDragon displays color-coded patrol routes right on your map. NPCScan will search the area around you while you’re traveling and alert you if a rare mob is nearby. Using these add-ons will save you a lot of time, but that is only part of the puzzle.

Have Patience & Persistence

Rare mobs are incredibly elusive. Their respawn timer is also rather elusive. Especially with rare mobs like the Time-Lost Proto Drake, there will be lots of competition in finding these mobs. The best you can do is follow all of the patrol routes and keep an eye out for all of the rare mobs that you need for the achievement. On any given day you may only find one or two, so persistence is necessary. If you are patient, and search all of the routes once or twice per day, your persistence will pay off.

Making the Most of Your Time

While you’re searching for rare mobs, there’s a lot of other stuff you can do. Gathering ore or herbs, leveling archaeology, and exploration achievements are a few good choices. If you’re in Northrend, farming Frostweave cloth while hunting down rare mobs can be an extremely profitable use of your time. By combining all of these activities into your routine, you’ll both be racking up achievement points and plenty of gold. Even after finding the rare mobs you need for the Frostbitten & Bloody Rare achievements, you may even find that it’s worth your time to continue farming these mobs for the loot and thrill of the hunt!

Checking Out Your Competition

Using the /who command will bring up a list of anyone near your level that is also in the same zone. While this will not directly tell you who else is farming rare mobs, it’s always a good sign when there are no other high level characters in the same area. Similarly, several level 85s nearby should be a clear indication to go farm somewhere else. If you’re able to log on at a more off-peak hour of the day, this will also increase your chances of finding more rare spawn monsters.