Why WoW Trade PUGs Demand Item Level & Achievements

If you’ve spent any time with trade chat open, you’ve probably seen a raid group asking prospective raiders to link the achievement proving they’ve already completed the raid. You may also have noticed that they ask for a higher item level of gear that is necessary to complete the raid. As frustrating as this may be for someone looking to learn the raids, though, there’s a very good reason for this.

Trade PUGs Are Not Training Grounds

These groups are definitely not the place you want to go if it’s your first time doing a particular raid. The reason they ask you to link an achievement is because they want to know you already are familiar with the fight. Wiping because people don’t know the fight isn’t just frustrating, it’s a huge waste of time for those who already know what to do. It takes lots of time and practice to teach everyone a new boss fight. Even with Blizzard nerfing many of the raids, there will still be people who can’t do what is expected of them. If you want to learn the raid, you need to find a raiding guild first, to help you learn the ropes.

Trade PUGs Are Looking For A Quick Run

Time is money, friend. Not only is a pick up group not there to teach you the raid, they are looking to complete the raid quickly. A good way to ensure a quick raid is to make sure everyone’s done it before, and has adequate gear to complete it quickly. Yes, that’s where overgearing comes into play. While Tier 11 raids were designed to be completed with item level 346 gear, this is only a bare minimum. With the wide availability of gear from troll heroics and justice points, it’s incredibly easy to gear up way higher than that. Because of this there is little incentive for a PUG to bring in someone who is undergeared.

Want To Make The Rules? Start Your Own Raid

If you think it’s unfair that trade PUGs want you to know the raid and have adequate gear to complete it quickly, there’s a simple alternative: start your own raid! Bring anyone you want no matter what their gear and skill, and see how it turns out. Sure, occasionally you may find a decent group this way, but the other 99% of the time you’ll quickly understand why trade PUGs work the way they do – to provide a quick run to those who already know what they’re doing.