3 Reasons Why Your Group Wipes in WoW Heroics (And It’s Not Due to Lack of DPS!)

When your group wipes in a heroic WoW dungeon, often the first instinct is to look at your DPS meter and kick the guy who’s doing the least damage. There is also a misconception that better gear makes a better player. While low DPS can be a problem, and better gear definitely gives you the potential to do more damage, usually the cause of a wipe has nothing to do with gear or DPS.

Don’t Stand In Bad Stuff

In heroic dungeons, standing in fire, poison, and other bad things will often bring your health down faster than a healer can keep you up. Even if you are at the top of the DPS meter, you can’t do any DPS when you’re floor-tanking! Having situational awareness at all times, and quickly moving out of bad things is far more valuable than a small DPS increase when you’re running heroics. Not only that, it will make your tank & healer happy, perhaps encouraging them to stick around for another dungeon, reducing your queue time.

Dispel Those Debuffs

If you’re a healer, it’s your responsibility to keep your group healed and free of nasty debuffs. Depending on your class, you will need to keep an eye out for poison, magic, curses, and diseases placed on your group-mates. This is incredibly easy to spot if you’ve enabled raid-style party frames in your UI. However, since no healing class can dispel all four types of debuffs, the rest of the group may also need to keep an eye out. While it’s primarily the healer’s job to keep everyone alive, that does not exclude DPS from contributing their fair share to complete the run smoothly.

Watch Your Aggro

Above the mob you’re attacking is a percentage. This number shows how much threat you have on the mob. If this number starts to approach 100%, that means you need to do everything you can to lower your threat (or transfer threat to the tank, if your class has the ability to.) If you over-nuke in an attempt to dominate the DPS meter, you may find yourself dead on the floor, and it’s not the tank or healer’s fault. Give your tank a couple of seconds to get aggro before you unload all your cooldowns. If your tank is inexperienced and is not building threat as quickly as your accustomed to, just slow your DPS a bit. If you watch your threat percentage, you won’t have to worry about pulling threat and going splat!