How To Get Guild Dungeon Groups For Reputation & Guild Challenges

Defeating 5-man dungeon bosses (both regular and heroic) with guild dungeon groups is a great way to boost your guild reputation and gain XP for your guild, which will speed up access to more guild perks. The first 7 dungeons that you complete in a level-appropriate guild group each week will also generate gold for your guild bank. If you’re looking to run dungeons with as many guildies as possible, here are a few tips for getting a group started.

Check The Guild Roster

Viewing your guild roster will show you everyone in your guild who is online. If you see many people around your level, then you can ask in guild chat to see who wants to do random guild dungeons. This is always the easiest way, especially if your guild is chock full of level 85s. On the other hand, if there are only a couple of people your level who are online, it’s usually more effective to whisper them instead of asking the entire guild.

Bring As Many Guildies As Possible

With 4 guildies in your group, you’ll get twice as much guild XP and reputation as you would with 3. Adding a 5th guild member to the party will add another 25% rep/XP gain on top of that. This means you can bring three DPS and either a tank or healer, and still get a decent amount of XP and rep.

Use The Guild Calendar

If you’re in a smaller guild, and it’s hard to get 3 people of similar level online at at the same time, scheduling guild dungeon runs using the in-game guild calendar can be extremely handy. List several runs to get a feel for which days/times work best for people (or ask beforehand).

Low Level Dungeons

While you need a level-appropriate guild group to get credit for guild dungeon challenges, you can still bring a group with some higher level toons and make it worthwhile. You’ll still gain guild XP and reputation when doing low level dungeons. Bringing someone who is level 85 will make the run go much faster, greatly increasing the amount of rep/XP gained per hour. While you won’t be able to use Dungeon Finder to do this, higher level characters should have no problem getting to the summoning stone to get everyone there. If your guild is level 21, only one member needs to get to the dungeon with the Have Group, Will Travel guild perk.

Chain-Run Dungeons

If your group is able to complete random dungeons quickly, completing several dungeons in a row is a quick way to gain loads of guild experience and reputation. Wearing the Renowned Guild Tabard will double your reputation, too. Having a tank in your group will ensure quick queue times. Once your guild reaches level 20, running guild dungeon groups all day long will ensure a quick journey to the cap of level 25!