How to *NOT* Find a Guild Dungeon Group in World of Warcraft

Looking for a guild group to run dungeons and/or heroics? “Is anyone running heroics?” or alternatively, “Are there any guild runs going on?” are NOT the questions you should be asking! These are perhaps the dumbest questions constantly asked in guild chat, and I’ll explain why.

Suppose there is a guild run going on. What good is it going to do you? They’re already running a dungeon. You missed the boat.

Or perhaps there isn’t a guild dungeon run going on. If that’s the case, then it’s still not going to get you anywhere.

The correct question you should be asking is “does anyone want to run a dungeon/heroic?” This will draw the attention of others who are also looking to run a dungeon, who are not already in one!

What is the difference between the dumb version and the correct version of this question? The dumb version only targets people who are unavailable. The correct version alerts those who are able to run a dungeon with you.

If you want to run dungeons, take the initiative and start a group. Don’t expect others to do it for you all the time.