How to Avoid Being a Ninja Looter in WoW’s Random Dungeon Finder

World of Warcraft’s random dungeon finder tool makes it incredibly easy to find a dungeon group. Even if you’re a damage dealing role, finding a dungeon using dungeon finder is still way faster than it was before this tool existed. One downside of running more dungeons is running into more ninja looters – people who roll on items that are not for their class or role either intentionally or unintentionally. Here’s how to avoid being a ninja looter yourself!

Only Roll Need On Items You Can Use

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the correct stats for your class. If you’re a warrior and you roll on a trinket with intellect, you are probably a ninja looter! Rolling on an item because it “looks cool” or simply to boost your average item level will get you classified as a ninja if you don’t ask first. Rolling need should be saved for items you can actually use that are an upgrade. If an item you are interested in does not meet this criteria, make sure no one else needs it, and ask first before rolling need.

Watch What Other People Roll

If you have detailed loot information enabled (which is the default) you will be able to see what other people are rolling on items. If you see someone else has already rolled need, be polite and ask if you can roll need too if you’re not sure. While rolling on an item you can genuinely use is not ninja looting, it pays to be polite. If no one else rolls need, it’s usually safe to roll need yourself – but if you’re not sure, you should generally ask.

Main Spec Versus Off Spec Rolls

If you queue as a DPS, make sure the tank doesn’t need an item before you roll on it for your off-spec. It’s common courtesy to allow other members of the group to take an item for their main spec before an off-spec. As always, if you’re not sure, you can always ask the rest of the group before rolling.