5 Ways to Grow Your World of Warcraft Cataclysm Guild Membership

If you’re an officer of a WoW guild, or even just a member who’s looking to get the word out about your guild to attract new members, there’s a few ways to do it. With the guild leveling system introduced in Cataclysm, joining a guild gives members lots of free guild perks. The downside of this is often that people only want to join high level guilds. While that is an obstacle, it should not stop you from growing your guild if you are just getting started. Here are five ways you can get more people to join your World of Warcraft guild without too much legwork.

WoW Guild Finder

Using WoW’s build in guild recruiting tool is one way to get the word out about your guild. However, this tool is currently limited in features. If your guild is low level, you won’t get a whole lot of applications unless there is something unique about your guild that attracts people. Additionally, anyone who applies has to be online for you to invite them using the guild finder requests. While the guild finder tool is not perfect, it’s still a great way to promote your guild without much effort, in conjunction with other methods.

WoW Realm Forums

Using the official WoW forums to promote your guild is a much more flexible way to promote your guild than the guild finder, as your space is not limited. You can use your forum post to discuss all the finer points about your guild. Be specific as to what you’re recruiting for: Raiding, PvP, RP, leveling, or anything else your guild normally does. Keep an eye out for sticky forum posts that compile a list of guilds on your server. You can get your guild listed by contacting the author of the list.

General and Trade Chat

Public chat channels are a decent way to promote your guild’s recruiting effort. Briefly state what type of guild you are and what types of players you’re looking to recruit. Just make sure not to get caught up in the middle of a bunch of guild recruiting spam, though! If lots of other people are doing the same thing, you may want to back off from doing this.

Open Invite Policy

The best way to promote your guild is through existing members. If the guild leader has the permissions set up, everyone can invite others to join the guild. Make sure to put this in the guild message of the day so everyone knows they can invite others. While having an open invite policy is not for all guilds, it can certainly help grow your guild faster.

Ninja Invite

A popular add-on to grow guilds on high population servers is Ninja Invite. This add-on allows you to automatically find people who are not in a guild using /who commands, and send them guild invites. This is an amazing tool if you don’t mind inviting random people to join your guild. WoW has an interface option that allows people to block guild invites, so this is not considered spam. However, the more people you invite this way, the more complaints you will get from people. While 99% of people are content to either decline, or accept and enjoy some free guild perks, there are the 1% that will get upset about being invited without being asked first. The good news is that they probably weren’t going to join anyway, and you probably wouldn’t want them in the guild either!