How to Make Gold With WoW Cataclysm Darkmoon Trinkets

Every month, the Darkmoon Faire comes to town for one week in either Mulgore, Elwynn Forest, or Shattrath. If you’re collecting a deck of Darkmoon cards to trade in for a trinket, you have to wait until the Faire arrives. The Faire’s monthly schedule can often result in the auction house filling up with Darkmoon trinkets from many competing sellers. In an attempt to make a quick sale, many sellers undercut heavily – sometimes bringing prices ridiculously low. This makes the Darkmoon Faire week a great time to save if you’re in the market for an epic trinket. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to pick up cheap cards and decks while the market is over-saturated with supplies!

What Are Darkmoon Cards, Decks & Trinkets?

In previous expansions, Darkmoon cards were random world drops from mobs. With the introduction of the Inscription profession, Darkmoon cards can be crafted with inks, elementals, and parchment. In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, the only way to get level 85 Darkmoon cards is through a scribe of 525 skill. Each “deck” contains eight different cards, and the deck can be exchanged for an epic trinket.

Buy Low, Sell High – Darkmoon Trinkets

The simplest way to make lots of gold with Darkmoon trinkets is to buy them up during the Darkmoon Faire when sellers are trying to unload them in bulk. You can either re-list them immediately, or save them for the upcoming weeks when supply starts to thin out. Saving up trinkets for sale after a major content patch can also be worthwhile  if you have enough gold to work with.

Offer Decks Instead of Trinkets For Rep Farmers

Turning in a Darkmoon deck for a trinket awards reputation with the Darkmoon Faire. Cataclysm decks will grant 350 reputation; 385 with the human racial or guild perk. In addition to selling trinkets, offer decks to people who may be working on their reputation achievements. (The corollary for this idea is that you should also monitor the auction house for price differences between decks and their respective trinkets!)

Buy, Sell & Trade Individual Darkmoon Cards

There’s plenty of gold to be made helping people acquire individual cards to complete a deck. Individual card prices can fluctuate wildly; always keep an eye out for cheap cards that can either be re-listed or used to complete decks of your own. Lastly, trading individual Darkmoon cards with other scribes can be a mutually beneficial way to complete Darkmoon decks.