5 Ways to Make Gold on the World of Warcraft Auction House

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a new World of Warcraft player, there’s a way for you to make lots of WoW gold! Here are five time-tested approaches that will make you all of the gold you’ll ever need in WoW. As you become more comfortable using the auction house, and develop an understanding of the market on your server, you can employ several of these techniques at once to help you reach the WoW gold cap.

Sell Your Loot on the Auction House

It doesn’t cost anything to start making lots of gold on the WoW auction house. Just by looting all your corpses, you should accumulate quite a few items you can auction for cash. Always loot everything, even at the low levels. You don’t need to visit the AH frequently, simply store all of your loot in your bank, an alt’s bank, or even a private guild bank if you’re particularly savvy.

Visit the auction house daily, weekly, or however frequently you’re comfortable with – but make a point to have the AH be part of your WoW routine. The more loot you sell, the better you’ll familiarize yourself with the prices for items on your server. As your bankroll increases, and your market knowledge grows, you’ll be able to spot cheap items quickly and flip them for a nice profit!

Buying Items to Resell

As you become an expert on your server’s market, you can spend less time farming and more time flipping. Identify cheap items and re-list them at a profit. You can also keep an eye to your server’s Trade chat to look for bargains. Often buyers are looking to sell quickly, and you can expect to pay less than you would shopping at the AH.

Another good source of items to re-sell are vendors with limited quantity items, recipes, and pets. Keep an eye out for these during your travels, as many of these items available in limited quantity can be flipped on the auction house for substantial returns!

A Few Words on Farming

Farming in WoW doesn’t have to be a chore. If you can farm while accomplishing another task (questing, leveling, achievements, etc) that can help make it more interesting. Pick a couple of gathering professions and check the auction house for items that are easy to obtain and demanding a high premium. For instance, Rugged and Knothide Leather can sometimes sell for quite a bit, and at level 80+ they’re extremely easy to obtain. Your primary goal is to maximize the amount of gold you can earn per hour. Minimizing the time you spend fighting mobs will help.

In addition to using gathering professions to farm items you can auction for gold, you can also farm lower level dungeons for enchanting materials, cloth, and other miscellaneous items. Find as many niches can you can profit from, and always loot your mobs!

Crafting For A Living

Crafting is perhaps the most exciting way to earn gold in World of Warcraft if you’re an entrepreneur at heart. Your goal here is not just to craft items and sell them, but to earn the highest profit while doing so. As many other people on your server will have the same crafting profession that you do, you’ll need to have an advantage – and there’s a few great ways to do this.

Learn to spot profitable niches – overlooked parts of the market that are very worthwhile to compete in. Often these come from recipes that are difficult to obtain, or simply skipped over while leveling. Similarly, be careful when crafting items that are often produced in bulk simply for skill-up points. You’re going to be competing with people who are simply interested in unloading their goods and not necessarily making a profit. Lastly, always be on the lookout for cheap crafting materials even when you don’t necessarily need them yet.

Cross Faction Arbitrage

For the seasoned WoW goblin, cross faction trading is the pinnacle of gold making. Your goal here is to find an item that’s inexpensive or relatively cheaper on one faction, and transfer it to the other side where you can flip it at a huge profit. This is extremely lucrative for items only available to one faction, such as Argent Tournament pets. While cross faction trading can be extremely profitable, it also has an extra cost involved.

Moving an item from one faction to the other either costs gold, or a small amount of risk. This risk can be minimized if you know what you’re doing. If you have a friend who will help you, you can list an item and have your friend quickly purchase it on the other side. If nobody is available to do this for you, you can simply list the item and purchase it yourself on the other faction’s side. You will pay a 15% auction house fee instead of the regular 5%, so you’ll either need to list cheaply and buy it quick (you don’t want someone else scooping it up for below cost!) or you can avoid the risk completely by paying the 15% AH cut.