5 Simple World of Warcraft Gold Making Tips For Beginners

Are mount training costs giving you the blues? Are the repair bills too darn high? Life’s too short to be a slave to virtual gold in WoW! Whether you’re just starting out in World of Warcraft, or simply don’t have a clue when it comes to making gold, these five tips will help you make more WoW gold – and keep more of it.

Always Loot Your Corpses

There are not one, but five good reasons to loot your corpses. Especially if you’re just starting out, every little bit of gold counts. Even low level monsters can drop gems and green items that are worth a few gold. Until you’re gold capped, it’s usually a smart idea to loot all of your corpses. Once you can afford 12 or 16 slot bags, get four of them and you’ll have plenty of space to carry your loot.

Gather Now, Craft Later

Jumping head first into a crafting profession when you’re broke is a common rookie mistake. Crafting professions are great to have once your stash of gold can support it, but for the beginning of your WoW gold making career you’re going to start out with two gathering professions. Tauren should become herbalists, and Worgen skinners, for the racial bonus, though any two gathering professions will do just fine. The idea is to sell your gathered ore, herbs, and leather and build up enough gold to allow you to craft later if you wish, without worrying about going broke.

Make Friends With The Auction House

Most items that aren’t gray can be sold on the Auction House for way more than vendoring them. An auction add-on such as Auctionator will save you a ton of time in this department. A few extra mouse clicks per day is all it takes to auction your loot instead of vendoring it, and the payout will be worth it. As you become familiar with the prices of items, you can identify which are the best items to farm to make the most WoW gold on your server. There’s many different ways you can make lots of gold using the AH.

Farming: No Risk, Just Rewards

Even though you should easily be able to amass a small fortune of loot while questing, sometimes you will come across a valuable item that’s in short supply or high demand that’s worth farming. Or maybe you just want a break from the grind of questing. Either way, farming for cloth, ore, herbs, leather, or just about anything else is a great way to build up your pile of virtual gold. Are wool cloth going for 50g per stack? Spend a few minutes grinding some low level humanoids, and you could be making hundreds of gold farming. If you’re nowhere near the level cap, this can definitely be a worthwhile use of your time if you need gold for mount training.

A Copper Saved Is A Copper Earned

With all the conscious effort you’ll be putting into making more gold, it’s also important that you keep more of your gold. Until you’re swimming in gold, it pays to be thrifty whenever possible. Don’t overspend when shopping at the auction house. Gear can be obtained for free through quests and dungeons, so there is no need to buy any. Vanity pets and mounts are fun to collect but will drain your stash of gold if you’re not careful. Be a penny pincher and know the value of gold in World of Warcraft, and you’ll never have to worry about being broke!