The Best Embersilk Cloth Farming Spot in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Embersilk cloth can be incredibly expensive, and often in short supply on the auction house. You’ll often need huge quantities of Embersilk to make cloth gear and high level Cataclysm bags such as Embersilk Bag (22 slots) and Illusionary Bag (26 slots). If you don’t feel like paying upwards of 100 gold per stack on the AH for cloth, or are simply looking for a reliable way to make lots of gold in World of Warcraft, you need to check out the number one Embersilk farming spot in WoW Cataclysm!


Tol Barad Peninsula – The Restless Front

In the Restless Front, you’ll find pairs of Restless Infantry and Restless Soldiers. Usually they’re already at a fraction of their health. (If not, find a pair that is!) The trick is to make sure to hit each of them at least once before either of them dies, or the remaining mob will evade and heal to full health. This can be accomplished easily by using a DoT or other cheap damaging attack on one mob, completely killing the second mob, then finishing off the first.

How To Get The Most Loot From These Mobs

While you can easily farm Embersilk cloth, random green item drops, and plenty of silver off these mobs all day long and amass a small fortune – the fun doesn’t stop there. If you’re a tailor, you’ll loot extra pieces of Embersilk from your passive cloth scavenging ability. What makes this farming spot even juicier, though, is the Potion of Treasure Finding.

You can either make these potions with Alchemy, or find them on the auction house for about 50-100g. The Potion of Treasure Finding gives you a chance to loot a Tiny Treasure Chest off each Cataclysm level mob for an hour, and persists through death. The more mobs you kill, the more chests you will loot. By farming mobs already at low health, you maximize the amount of treasure chests you’ll get. Each chest can contain a bunch of gold, cloth, volatiles, ore, and other various loots!

Other WoW Cataclysm Embersilk Farming Spots

If you’re not level 85 yet, check out the Fractured Front in Deepholm. There are dozens of Troggs fighting friendly NPCs in this area. You can either single target, or AOE them down depending on your class, skill, and gear level. The mobs are level 82, die a lot quicker, don’t give as much loot individually, but there’s no shortage of them to farm. This is also a really good spot to farm Embersilk while leveling.

If you’re a fresh level 80, any of the humanoid mobs in the northeastern part of Mount Hyjal that are fighting NPCs can also be farmed for Embersilk in the same way. Grab a Potion of Treasure Finding and turn up some good tunes, you’re about to have an incredibly profitable farming session!