5 Tips for Making Gold Reselling Items on the World of Warcraft Auction House

Flipping items on the WoW AH is an incredibly easy way to make gold – provided you have the bankroll, the knowledge, and the tools necessary to make a profit. Buying items on the World of Warcraft auction house to resell at a profit doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience. Here’s five tips to help you maximize your profit when buying and reselling items on the AH.

Buy Low, Sell Normal

The investing mantra of “buy low, sell high” still applies in WoW. However, you can’t always count on an item rising in price. If you can purchase items to resell when they’re available below market price, you can safely flip them at market price for an easy profit. It’s usually far easier to sell an item at market price for a quick sale, instead of waiting for the price to rise, or trying to artificially raise the price yourself. For the novice auctioneer, it’s going to be much easier to make a profit reselling on the AH by picking up items on the cheap, and selling them at their normal market price. Always be looking for deals!

Automate Your Buying and Selling

Download the TradeSkillMaster add-on and put its shopping features to good use. This will help you compare the market prices of many different items on a single page, saving you lots of time in the process. The less time you have to spend shopping and listing auctions, the more gold you’ll be making per hour. Over time you will continue to build your shopping list, allowing you to spot more potential details on items to flip on the AH.

Pick Good Items To Resell

Use The Undermine Journal to research the value and available quantities of items you’re buying and selling. You can contrast your server’s market with other servers, and spot trends this way. Look up your item on Wowhead to determine its source and areas of demand. Ideally, an item you’re purchasing for resale won’t be something that is commonly farmed by players. A good example of this are the elemental Essences from vanilla. We all get a few of them while leveling, but they’re not commonly farmed for as there are much more profitable farming spots for a max level character. They are still a necessary component for leveling professions, and for heirloom enchants. By adding these to your TSM shopping list, you can simply pick them up when they’re on the AH cheaply, and re-list them at a nice profit. The more groups of items you can do this with, the more gold you’ll be raking in!

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

This investing mantra most certainly applies when playing the AH. Diversifying your assets is always a smart move. This way you lessen your dependence on the demand for any specific item, and increase the number of gold making opportunities at your disposal. Diversifying across several markets helps, too. For example, you can diversify by catering to both players who are leveling, as well as those at the level cap. Lastly, always keep some gold readily available in case a really good deal appears on the AH. There’s nothing worse than being broke and having to pass up an incredible deal!

Think Fourth Dimensionally

If you’re in it for the long haul, pay close attention to the bursts of demand at the beginning of a new expansion, and at every major update patch. This is where you stand to make the most gold if you prepare yourself accordingly. When Mists of Pandaria is released later this year, every new Pandaren character is going to need a whole bunch of items – items you can make a ton of gold selling if you stock them up in the months preceding MoP’s release. Companion pets, bags, heirloom enchants, and materials for leveling professions are a few safe bets. What other items will you collect now on the cheap, and flip for a profit when the expansion hits?