WoW Farming Guide: Where To Farm Eternal Fire in World of Warcraft

Eternal Fire is a necessary material in many crafting professions as you make your way through the Northrend levels. Alchemists can use Eternal Fire to transmute Scarlet Ruby (rare WotLK red gem) into Cardinal Ruby (epic WotLK red gem) which is popular with twinks due to its lack of item level restriction. Miners need Eternal Fire (along with Eternal Shadow & Earth, and 3 Titanium Bars) to smelt Titansteel Bars – a major component in Chopper mounts. You may find yourself paying a pretty penny for Eternal Fire on the AH, unless of course you use these 5 tips to get them cheaper!

Transmuting Eternal Water to Eternal Fire

Eternal Water is usually the cheapest of all Eternals. Crystallized Water is commonly obtained from mining Cobalt, and cheap Crystallized and Eternal Water should be plentiful on the AH. A transmute spec alchemist will occasionally proc extra Eternals when doing this transmute, as with all elemental transmutes. Lastly, this transmute shares a daily cooldown with other transmutes such as Living Elements from Cataclysm, as well as vanilla element transmutes.

Ten Crystallized Fire = One Eternal Fire

Often people will seek to unload their Crystallized Fire (or any other Eternal) quickly and cheaply on the AH, making it more cost effective to collect these and turn them into Eternals. Always compare the AH price of Crystallized WotLK elementals with the Eternals and make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Farming Crystallized Fire With Mining and Engineering

Miners can pick up several Crystallized Fire by farming Titanium nodes in Northrend. The best places to farm Titanium are Sholazar Basin and Wintergrasp (not during the battle, so you can fly around.) Additionally, Engineers can gather Crystallized Fire from fiery gas clouds, which can be found wherever Northrend fire elementals reside.

Farming Crystallized Fire From Northrend Fire Elementals

Crystallized Fire can be farmed from fire elementals at Fjorn’s Anvil in the eastern Storm Peaks, the Cauldron of Flames in southeastern Wintergrasp, and the Halls of Lightning dungeon. At the level cap, these mobs do not hurt and can be farmed very easily.

Trading In Your Frozen Orbs For More Useful Stuff

Frozo the Renowned is an NPC outside the Dalaran Engineering building that will trade you an Eternal of your choice for a Frozen Orb. If you’re able to acquire cheap Frozen Orbs from the auction house, or have some in your bags from running WotLK heroics, you can trade them to Frozo for Eternal Fires.