The Top 5 Companion Pet Vendors Available to Both WoW Factions

Many non-combat companion pets in WoW are sold by vendors, making them easy to collect, and lucrative to resell. Since a lot of players don’t know where you can get these, or don’t want to be bothered traveling to get them, you can list them on the auction house and flip them for a nice profit. Here’s a guide to five of the most profitable pet vendors you can easily do business with, and make lots of gold reselling their pets on the World of Warcraft auction house. All of these vendors are available to both Alliance and Horde.

Breanni in Dalaran

Breanni is located in the Magical Menagerie shop, which is just inside the main entrance to Dalaran next to Mei Francis, the exotic mount vendor. She sells the Calico Cat, Albino Snake, and Obsidian Hatchling pets for 50 gold each. With exalted Kirin Tor reputation and the Bartering guild perk, the cost of these pets is only 35 gold each.

Michelle De Rum in Winterspring

You can buy the Winterspring Cub pet from this vendor in the Everlook inn. No reputation discount is available. The pet costs 50 gold; 45 gold with the Bartering guild perk.

Narkk in Stranglethorn Vale

Narkk is the Pirate Supplies vendor at the Old Port Authority in Booty Bay. He will sell you both the Senegal Parrot and Cockatiel Parrot for 40 silver each (28 silver after maximum discount from reputation with Booty Bay.) If you don’t have a lot of gold to invest in flipping pets, these are a good starting point, as well as some of the Stormspire pets.

Plucky Johnson in Thousand Needles

If you haven’t done the post-Cataclysm quest line in Thousand Needles, you may not have met Mr. Johnson before. Head to Tirth’s Haunt in the southeastern portion of Thousand Needles and you’ll see a big blue rune on the ground with Mad Magus Tirth standing in the center (level 42 non-elite). Kill him and Plucky will show up. Talk to him to buy the Ancona Chicken pet for 1 gold each (90 silver after Bartering discount.)

Dealer Rashaad in Netherstorm

At the Stormspire you will find Dealer Rashaad, the Exotic Creatures vendor. He will sell you all of the following pets, with a discount based on Consortium reputation:

  • Mana Wyrmling – 40 gold (28 gold with full discounts)
  • Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling – 10 gold (7 gold with full discounts)
  • Red Moth Egg – 10 gold (7 gold with full discounts)
  • Brown Rabbit Crate – 10 gold (7 gold with full discounts)
  • Crimson Snake – 50 silver (35 silver with full discounts)
  • Cockroach – 50 silver (35 silver with full discounts)
  • Siamese Cat – 60 silver (42 silver with full discounts)
  • Senegal Parrot – 40 silver (28 silver with full discounts)

A Word on Capital City Pet Vendors

Each major city has a pet vendor, such as the Crazy Cat Lady outside Stormwind and the snake vendor in Orgrimmar. These pets generally don’t sell for a huge markup as they’re easily purchased within a city – but if you’re adept at cross-faction arbitrage, you may be able to turn a larger profit.