Making Money In The Information Age: How The Rules Have Changed

Once upon a time we lived in an era aptly named the Industrial Age. The rise of industry gave growth to a winning formula: get a college degree and you’d have a competitive edge in the working world. You’d be practically guaranteed a 9-to-5 job with good pay and health benefits. You’d make so much money that your spouse could stay at home and raise the kids. The Industrial Age has long since come to a close, but unfortunately our age-old ways of thinking remain. The rules have changed; will you continue to adapt with them, or cling foolishly to an old mantra that no longer applies?


Why The Industrial Age Formula No Longer Works

A college diploma, while once a competitive advantage, no longer sets you apart from the competition. The increased demand for higher education has both lowered the competitive value of a degree, and raised the cost of obtaining a degree. That 9-to-5 job? More like 9-to-9, with declining benefits. One spouse working? More like both. It’s no wonder it’s become more stressful for most people who are trying to raise a family. The problem? We need a new winning formula. One that works in the Information Age. One that puts us ahead of the curve, not smack in the middle of the competition. One that doesn’t pit us against hundreds of millions of others, competing for a meager career with an Industrial Age mindset.


What Changes In The Information Age?

The Industrial Age gave rise to mass manufacturing – technology boosted the growth of industry which created high paying jobs even for the common man. Now that the Industrial Age has passed, we enter a new era: the Information Age. It may sound obvious, but the new currency of this age is Information. With further automation of industry, and a global economy at work, we can’t rely on Industrial Age values in order to succeed economically. To achieve true economic prosperity, we must learn to profit from Information.


Making Money In The Information Age

In the industrial age, information had many mediums. Magazines, newspapers, books, television, radio, and billboards were the predominant methods for transmitting information to the masses. The average person probably would never have their own media outlet, and thus would have little chance of profiting from information. It made sense that if you wanted a successful career, you needed a degree.

All that has changed now, though. While education is still incredibly important, it’s becoming harder and harder to justify paying for the expensive piece of paper you receive at graduation. Profiting from information is something even the average Joe can do. Just like factory work in the 1950s provided opportunities for ordinary people to have the good life, more and more people are finding true wealth using an Information Age approach.


Information: The New Currency

Ever go to Google and search for something? Chances are you have. And even if you haven’t, Google still processes billions of search queries every day! This is the simplest form of Information Age technology at work. You type in a question, Google gives you the answer based upon the websites it has indexed. In the Information Age, you profit from being one of those websites. The only skills necessary for profiting from information are reading, writing, and perhaps a bit of problem solving. The only expenses are $5 a month for a web host and $10 per year for a domain name. Unless you are completely illiterate, you can do this!


Okay, But How Do I Make Money From This?

Television advertisers pay good money for their ads to appear because they know people are watching. Just the same, your website will profit from attention. Once you’re getting traffic to your site, you can make money from the display of advertisements. But before you start raking in the ad money, first you need to build your site.

Start out by picking a topic of expertise. Pick something you know a lot about, or are at least somewhat knowledgeable in and want to learn more about. After you’ve decided what topic you’re going to write about, research popular phrases that people are using to find information about this topic on Google. Your goal is to pick keyword phrases that are popular enough to get some traffic, but do not have much difficult competition for search results.

Learning about search engine optimization, keyword research techniques, and monetization of your website are all secondary and will come in time. The most important key to success is continued development of information on your website. The more keyword phrases people can use to find your website through Google, the more you can profit.

Other than the tiny cost of web hosting, this business model is entirely FREE. There are no employees, and no employers. You create your own schedule. You can build traffic to your website for FREE and build passive income this way. Previous to the Information Age, it was nearly impossible for an average person to create passive income. You either had to be a successful actor or musician, or a rich investor. No longer is that the case.

The Industrial Age continues to fade away year after year, leaving behind a trail of college graduates saddled in debt, with very little to show for it. Where will your income come from in the Information Age? Will you “play it safe” and go for a career in a decaying industry, or will you think ahead of the masses and profit from information?