How To Raise Your Reputation Using Faction Tabards in WoW Dungeons

Many factions in World of Warcraft have a tabard that you can wear to gain additional reputation with that faction. If you enjoy running 5-man dungeons, wearing one of these tabards is a smart way to get to achieve exalted reputation as quickly as possible. The following is a simple guide to all of the factions that allow you to gain reputation with their tabard, and where to find their respective quartermasters.

Alliance & Horde Faction Tabards

Wearing one these tabards in any 5-man dungeon will award reputation with that faction. All of the quartermasters that sell these tabards are near a flight point:

  • Stormwind: At the bottom of the ramp leading up to the flight master in the Trade District.
  • Exodar: Next to the flight master.
  • Ironforge & Gnomeregan: Next to the Ironforge flight master.
  • Darnassus & Gilneas: Just inside the Rut’theran Village portal in Darnassus, next to the flight master.
  • Thunder Bluff: Next to the flight master.
  • Undercity: Next to the flight master.
  • Silvermoon City: Outside the city, next to the flight master.
  • Bilgewater Cartel, Darkspear Trolls & Orgrimmar: Next to the Orgrimmar flight master.

Outland Faction Tabards

To raise your reputation with Outland factions, you must kill mobs and bosses inside the respective dungeons (i.e. Hellfire Citadel for Honor Hold/Thrallmar rep). Outland faction tabards are a reward for becoming exalted, rather than a tool for becoming exalted.

Northrend Faction Tabards

There are four factions in Northrend that have tabards. They give rep in any Northrend dungeon on heroic mode, or any level 77+ normal mode dungeons (The Culling of Stratholme, The Oculus, Halls of Lightning, and Utgarde Pinnacle.) You must be friendly with a faction to purchase its tabard, which can be done by questing. Here’s where to find the quartermasters:

  • Kirin Tor: At the top of the stairs in the Violet Citadel in Dalaran.
  • Argent Crusade: At the Argent Vanguard in Icecrown.
  • Knights of the Ebon Blade: Inside the Shadow Vault in Icecrown. You need to complete a quest line before the NPCs become friendly.
  • Wyrmrest Accord: At the top of Wyrmrest Temple in Dragonblight.

Cataclysm Faction Tabards

These function similarly to the Northrend tabards. You must be friendly to obtain them, which may require completing a quest line. They award reputation in any level 85 heroic 5-man dungeons, as well as any normal mode level 84-85 dungeon (Halls of Origination, Lost City of the Tol’vir, and Grim Batol.) Here’s where their quartermasters can be found:

  • Earthen Ring: Inside Silver Tide Hollow in Vashj’ir.
  • Guardians of Hyjal: Inside the Nordrassil inn.
  • Ramkahen: Outside the Ramkahen inn, to the west a little bit.
  • Wildhammer Clan (Alliance): Thundermar, in the Twilight Highlands.
  • Dragonmaw Clan (Horde): Bloodgulch, in the Twilight Highlands.
  • Therazane: At Therazane’s Throne in Deepholm.