5 Ways To Avoid Scaring Away Your Internet Dream Date

Internet dating isn’t easy. It requires tons of patience, persistence, and a positive attitude. It also requires you to wade through potentially hundreds of profiles that make you bang your head against your desk – profiles of people who sound so angry and unpleasant that you can pretty much figure out why they’re single. If you’re truly looking to meet someone online, here are a few common mistakes you can learn from. Remember, you’re trying to attract a potential match, not scare them away!

You Graduated High School. Prove It Through Spelling & Grammar. This should be self-explanatory. If you didn’t graduate high school, maybe it’s a time to think about getting your G.E.D.?

Keep Your Pics Appropriate. Don’t want guys emailing you asking for sex? You can start by taking down those boob & rear shots. You get what you give! This should be fairly obvious, but common sense isn’t so common anymore. If you don’t like the caliber of men who are writing to you, you can always take the initiative instead of waiting for Prince Charming to fall into your lap! (The corollary of this rule is that if you’re a man, your profile pics should show you fully clothed in order to avoid giving a woman the impression you’re just looking to hook up.)

Be Open To Meeting Someone. What’s up with people who are on a dating site that are either just looking for friends, or state they don’t want to meet anyone in person? Even the old “I don’t normally join this type of site” sends the wrong message. It’s the 21st century and we can all stop with the internet dating stigma already! Meeting a good match in real life is hard for everyone, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of by going online. It’s always a good idea to get to know someone before meeting them, but if you’re truly not ready to meet someone at all, why waste your time on a dating website?

Stop The Laundry Lists of Deal Breakers. I don’t disagree that not many women want to date a man who’s 50, unemployed, lives with his parents, and manufactures crystal meth out of his basement. However, having a long list of requirements that makes your profile sound like a job application is a humongous turn-off! Find a more positive way to express your desires in a partner; a way that isn’t going to simply scare him or her off. For example, “I like a man who is hard working” is a less intrusive way of saying “If you’re unemployed, stay the fark away from me.”

Yes, I Get It. Your Kids Are Your World. For the love of Pete, don’t mention your kids in every single part of your profile! It’s okay to talk about them a little bit. If after reading your entire internet dating profile I know more about your kids than I do about you, then something’s wrong. Hopefully you wouldn’t discuss your hobby or job for the entire length of your profile, either. (By the same token, if your profile makes it clear that you’ve completely lost your identity outside of being a parent, that’s also not going to help any!)