The Strangest Spam I’ve Ever Received

Apparently there’s a new site that’s like Fiverr, but allows the promotion of slightly more risque services. The broken English makes it all the more intriguing:

Subject: What People Do For Money? – GirlFriend For Hire Services

What People Do For Money?

Redlr will proudly assist and facilitate those of you who own excellent skills, creativity and ideas to introduce them to the public and earn from them.

On Redlr, you can turn your skills and ideas through any types of services and end products, and sell it for value starts from 5$ USD. There are a lot of examples of them, such as provides for back link site service, grafic design skills, face caricature for gift, GirlFriend For Hire Services and even consultation services. For more trust between our sellers and buyers, Redlr provides you the cam to cam service to facilitate your transactions.

Easy money in Redlr? Yes it is! As easy as you read it on RED!

On Redlr, you can provide others with either your services and end products, and they will pay you the stated amount or value offered by you.

Sell Pins.Buy a Pin.Redlr.Huh?

Come and Make a Lot Money with Us

People Do For Money