MGID Traffic Exchange Review

I recently joined MGID to help increase traffic for Funny Website. It seemed like a popular traffic tool, and their system is rather user-friendly and customizable. Unfortunately, their traffic simply did not deliver. Between the high bounce rates and meager amount of time spent per visit, I was not impressed. Here are some Google Analytics statistics contrasting the MGID traffic I received with Fun Page Exchange traffic.


Between November 27 and December 3, received 7,512 visits:


Nine hundred of those hits were from While they provided all new visitors, the bounce rate was almost 90% and the average visit duration was rather disappointing.


During the same time period, Fun Page Exchange sent in hits from several sources. The second largest source of FPE traffic with a referrer was a FPE member website:


The #1 FPE referrer was Yahoo Mail. E-zine traffic from Fun Page Exchange yielded a tremendously lower bounce rate, and averaged over two minutes of visit duration!


Direct visits, and visits without a referrer:

1/3/13 UPDATE: I later gave MGID another try after revamping Funny Website. The results were just as poor as the first run.