5 Ways to Get Free Arcade Traffic & Free Humor Website Traffic

While paid promotion can definitely help, there are many ways you can get a website started on a shoestring. Whether your website has arcade games, jokes, cartoons, funny pictures, videos or anything else, these five simple tips can help you get more free traffic to your arcade or humor website.

1. Social Media Links

By providing links for your viewers to share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or other social networking sites, you can take advantage of free viral traffic. Your viewers can share your content with their friends, who can in turn share it with their friends. Here is a handy tool for generating social media links.

2. Link Exchanges With Other Websites

By exchanging links with sites of complementary themes, you can both increase traffic and possibly your search engine rankings, too. When using link exchanges with other websites, quality is more important than quantity. Make sure the sites you are trading links with are not “link farms”. Periodically you will need to check that the sites you are linking with are linking back to you from their websites. Seeking out and managing link exchanges takes a fair amount of work, but when done right it can pay off very handsomely.

3. Humor & Arcade Banner Exchanges

Another popular way of getting traffic to your website is a humor/arcade banner exchange. With a banner exchange you will always receive a fixed ratio of promotion, and don’t need to worry about seeking out and managing link partners individually. Pick a banner exchange that guarantees clickthroughs and not just impressions. Additionally, if you can promote your content pages instead of your home page (such as with Fun Page Exchange) this can help keep visitors on your site longer.

4. Post New Content Daily

Give visitors a reason to bookmark your site and come back tomorrow. Search engines favor sites that are updated regularly, too. By keeping your content fresh, you can build lots of repeat traffic, with the help of tip #5:

5. Have Unique & Interesting Content

Content is definitely king. Having a website full of quality content is the foundation of any traffic base. If you don’t have unique content, try to give it a unique angle. Be original and find a way to stand out from the crowd.