5 Ways For Humor Webmasters To Get Free Traffic With Fun Page Exchange

Looking for more traffic for your funny pictures, funny jokes, or funny videos website? While you can buy traffic for your humor website, Fun Page Exchange also offers five different types of links you can use to earn free humor website traffic. You can earn plenty of free traffic using these links on your website, social media page or e-mail newsletter.

1. Content Link Banners & Boxes (Website Only)

These are the bread and butter of Fun Page Exchange. These link banners contain links to content pages from other Fun Page Exchange members’ websites. You can create a link box or banner with as many or as few content links as you want. You can pick the size of the banner, the color, the font size, and several other options. Several ready made links are provided, and you are free to customize any of them to your liking.

2. Newsletter Links (E-Mail or Social Media)

These links are for opt-in e-mail newsletters and social media pages. You can select several content links to promote at one time using the newsletter link generator. You can promote as many or as few links as you like. Because each individual link is not always available due to a depleted credit balance, please do not use newsletter links on your website. Please use the link banners/boxes instead, as their content is dynamically generated.

3. Content Category Links

Content category links contain links to¬†Fun Page Exchange members’ home pages. Four categories are available to pick from: Funny Jokes, Funny Pictures, Funny Videos, and Flash Arcade. You can use the images provided, or direct text links. These links can be edited so long as they are not confusing to the viewer, and can also be promoted with an e-mail newsletter or social media page.

4. More Fun Pages Link

Similar to the content category links, this page can be linked to any way you like as long as it is not misleading. This page contains up to 100 different content links, in addition to the content category links below them. In the event that you promote a newsletter link that runs out of credits, the visitor will be redirected to the More Fun Pages link.

5. Webmaster Referral Link

Every time you refer a valid member to Fun Page Exchange you will earn 1,000 bonus credits. It’s our way of thanking you for helping us increase our membership! All that we ask is that you please don’t use spam to obtain referrals. A good place to begin would be to place our referral link in your footer or a webmaster section on your website.