Why MGID’s Teaser Images Result In Poor Website Traffic

Recently I tried using MGID to increase traffic to Funny Website. The results were less than exciting, with high bounce rates and very low time spent on site. Compared to Fun Page Exchange, these numbers were incredibly poor. After giving it a second trial and experiencing the same results, I would like to offer my thoughts on MGID’s thumbnails.

Observation #1. The thumbnails exist to heavily maximize clickthroughs.

This should not come as a surprise, as MGID is a business and aims to maximize revenue. Their thumbnail descriptions are written by expert copywriters who aim to get as many people to click the link as possible. Thumbnail images are also carefully picked to get the viewer’s attention. As a result, the actual content does not often meet the visitor’s expectations. Fun Page Exchange links are never sensationalized by copywriters, they simply list the name of your content pages.

Observation #2: MGID links do not get the visitor directly to the content.

Upon clicking an MGID link, you are not taken to the content page you clicked on. Instead you are taken to their own page with several more links. This further divides up the attention of a web surfer. Instead of getting them where they expected to go, they’re sending the visitor to many more places. Fun Page Exchange links always go directly to the content page being linked to.

Final Thoughts: Why Does Fun Page Exchange Result In Better Traffic?

Having content links that go where they’re supposed to, and having simple, non-sensationalized text links are two important reasons why Fun Page Exchange traffic results in visitors who spend more time on your website. If you’re looking for quality traffic for your arcade, humor or entertainment site, sign up for a free Fun Page Exchange account and start getting more visitors today!