Using Twitter For Your Business: 3 Twitter Tips For Beginners

With its constantly updating timeline, Twitter might seem like too much noise to be useful for your business. But at its root, Twitter is a fantastic tool for advertising, networking and staying current. Keep in mind there is more to it than just composing a 140-character message. Here are three simple ways you can get started using Twitter to help benefit you and your business.

Twitter for Advertising

Twitter is a two-way street. No one will follow you if all you do is post advertisements. Twitter is all about conversation. Find locals to follow. Find similarly minded people to follow. They might just follow you back — if they don’t think you’re a spambot. One way to do that is to create original content. It might sound simplistic, but tweet what you are doing and what you are working on. Make yourself real; that’s probably the best advertising you can do for yourself and your business.

Twitter for Networking

My best advice is to follow people who have similar business interests as yourself. Case in point, I have a friend who wanted to break into comic book writing. He followed some of his idols on Twitter. Some of them followed him back, and now he’s writing comic books for some very famous companies. He did Twitter right. He didn’t bombard these people with messages, begging for their interest. He was himself. They could see his love for the genre in his tweets. And they gave him a shot. Your followers should see your passion as well.

Twitter for News

The President tweets, so does the Pope. It’s actually a great way to follow news. I first learned that Michael Jackson had died on Twitter. News organizations are turning to Twitter first when developing breaking news stories. Journalists seek sources. And editors know that posting a tweet has more immediate visibility than even the organization’s own website. I also appreciate the sense of humor of my Twitter feed when covering national events. Watching last year’s presidential debates was definitely more interesting with one eye on my Twitter feed. Twitter definitely helps me stay current with the news. Make sure you follow legitimate news outlets and legitimate celebrities. On a person’s profile, a real celebrity should have a verified account, which means that Twitter has confirmed the legitimacy of the account.

Explore Twitter. Go ahead. It’s easy!