WoW Mists of Pandaria Enchanting Auction House Tips

In World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria, making lots of gold with Enchanting remains incredibly lucrative. It’s ┬ábecome a lot simpler to do, and the materials have become more flexible. Using these tips, I currently make several thousand gold per day on a high population server. Your mileage may vary, but all of these techniques can help increase your AH profits from the sale of enchanting scrolls.

Tip #1: Automate Your AH Sales

Before you get started, download the TradeSkillMaster add-on from Curse. This is a very powerful add-on that will save you tons of time selling on the auction house. If you have never used TSM before, it will take you a couple of hours to get the feel for it. But once you have it set up, it will dramatically decrease the amount of time you spend listing auctions and crafting enchant scrolls.

Tip #2: Converting of Enchanting Materials

Previous to MoP, the only enchanting material conversions that could be done were the shattering of crystals into shards or dust/essence. In MoP, you can convert dust into essence, essence into shards, and even shards into crystals (with a daily cooldown). They can be converted both ways. Depending on market prices, it’s beneficial to check the prices of all the different mats even if they aren’t the exact ones you are looking for, to see if it’s worth converting them.

Converting Up:
5 Spirit Dust -> 1 Mysterious Essence
5 Mysterious Essence -> 1 Ethereal Shard
5 Ethereal Shard -> 1 Sha Crystal (daily cooldown)

Converting Down:
1 Sha Crystal -> 2 Ethereal Shards
1 Ethereal Shard -> 3 Mysterious Essence
1 Mysterious Essence -> 3 Spirit Dust

Tip #3: Always Buy Cheap Materials

Check the auction house regularly for cheap materials. It’s best to set a fixed price in your head and always buy mats below that price when they’re available. Make sure your buy price of materials is proportionate to being converted. For instance, if your maximum price is 3 gold for Spirit Dust, also look for Mysterious Essence that are under 15 gold if you need them. I usually purchase Spirit Dust under 4 gold, Mysterious Essence under 20 gold, and Ethereal Shards under 50 gold (up to 60 if I need more) but prices on your server may vary.

Tip #4: Don’t Disenchant Everything

MoP green items for level 84-85 characters will be a lot more lucrative to sell than to disenchant, providing the stats are attractive. Since your average item level must be 358 to queue up for MoP dungeons, buying greens on the AH is a quick method for gearing up to use the dungeon finder. Greens with good stats can sell for hundreds of gold, potentially. (Hint: If you’re gearing up your own toons, find an Adventuring Supplies vendor in the Jade Forest and buy item level 372 greens. You can’t disenchant them, but they’ll be cheaper than shopping on the AH.)

Tip #5: Grow Your Own Materials

At Sunsong Ranch, you can use Magebulb seeds to farm enchanting materials. With a fully expanded farm with sixteen plots, a few minutes a day can provide you with an incredibly inexpensive source of spirit dust and mysterious essence. The more level 90 characters you have, the more enchanting materials you can farm every day for next to nothing. What makes this so great is that you can start making gold selling enchanting scrolls on the auction house without having to buy any materials from the auction house!

Tip #6: List Your Scrolls Often

You’ll probably encounter a lot of competition on the auction house. That doesn’t mean you can’t make a profit. While many of your scrolls will be undercut within minutes, you’ll also be making a lot of sales, too. Keeping an inventory of several of each enchant will allow you to post one of each with TSM several times per day, without having to worry about cancelling items that have been undercut. During the busiest hours, you can even stand at the AH and immediately re-post items after they’ve been bought to maximize profit. On the other hand, you can also log on once or twice a day and still see a very good profit for the time invested.

Tip #7: Buy Out Your Competition

Leveling up Enchanting in Mists of Pandaria is a lot more flexible than it was in previous expansions. Instead of being pigeon-holed into making 5-10 copies of the same enchant, you can select from a much wider variety. This means that there rarely is a glut of a single enchant on the AH (think Enchant Cloak – Intellect from Cataclysm!) When you see a competitor list a scroll below the crafting price, it’s far less dangerous to buy them out as it was in the past. Never list a scroll below its crafting price, and always buy out competing scrolls that are under-priced. Sometimes it’s smart to let someone else do the crafting for you!