5 Tips For Picking An eBay Trading Assistant

Selling on eBay is a great way to clear the clutter out of your home, and make some much needed extra cash in the process. If you aren’t comfortable selling online, eBay’s Trading Assistant Directory is a great way to find an eBay expert in your area who can list your items for you. This saves you the time of photographing, listing, dealing with customers, and shipping your goods. When picking a trading assistant to work with, here are five things you should look out for.

Feedback Score and Satisfaction Rating

When choosing an eBay trading assistant to work with, it probably goes without saying that you want someone who’s experienced and has a lot of feedback under their belt. Quantity of feedback is important, but the quality of feedback is also important. How many negative feedback marks do they have? What is their customer satisfaction percentage? Are they a Top Rated Seller according to eBay’s standards? These are all important considerations to make. Do your homework by checking out their feedback profile.

Full Time vs. Part Time

Always ask your trading assistant if they are doing this as a hobby or as a business. While eBay can be a profitable hobby, there are enough people who do it full-time that you shouldn’t settle for less. It’s important that they will be there to answer your questions and communicate with you (and your buyers) in a timely fashion. The bottom line is you want someone who has enough time available to meet your needs as a client.

Trading Assistant Commissions and Fees

While this shouldn’t be the main consideration for choosing a TA, it’s still important. Make sure the rates your TA is charging you are in line with the going rates in your area. Standard TA rates vary by area, but usually amount to 60% of the bid price or 70% of the net price after fees. Ask the seller if there is a discount for higher value items. If you’re looking to use upgrades such as bold and premium listings, make sure you’re on the same page about who will be covering those fees.

Personability and People Skills

When browsing the TA directory, read each TA’s profile carefully. Does this sound like someone who wants your business? Does the TA make a laundry list of demands for their clients? Your trading assistant experience doesn’t have to be unpalatable. Pick someone who sounds friendly and wants to work with you. (I have seen TA profiles containing messages to the extent of “please don’t drop off your crap, I’m not a garbage dump!” While that sentiment is shared among most sellers, there’s a positive and negative way to get this message across. Which one would you prefer to work with?)

Areas of Expertise

Take the time to see what kind of items your potential trading assistant is experienced listing on eBay. You can do this by viewing their feedback profile and looking at items they currently have listed for sale or auction. For instance, if you’re trying to sell farm equipment, you probably wouldn’t use a TA who specializes in children’s clothing. Most TA profiles list the types of goods that they specialize in selling. While this list is not exhaustive by any means, you should be able to get a feel if they are a good fit to sell your items. If you’re not sure, you can always ask!