5 Ways To Make WoW Gold From Mining and Smelting

Mining is a great gathering profession to make gold with at the AH. No matter what level your character or mining skill, or how little gold you have, there’s several ways you can profit from mining in WoW. Whether you want to grab your mining pick or head directly to the auction house, here are a few mining tips to get you started making lots of gold!

Corpse Mining

This won’t make you a ton of gold immediately, but it’s wise to mine elemental corpses while you’re out hunting. Usually you’ll just get junk, but sometimes you will find some goodies. It all adds up, so it’s smart to make corpse mining a regular habit!

Copper Ore & Bars

If you’re just starting out, or don’t have much gold, buy up cheap copper ore and/or bars and flip them on the AH. These are usually both high in supply and demand as they are used in great quantity for leveling both blacksmithing and engineering.

Lower Level Niches

Often there is demand for lower level ore that is necessary for long stretches of blacksmith leveling that is unavailable on the AH. Adamantite and Saronite are two good examples, since spending as little time as possible in Outland and Northrend is a popular leveling goal.

Ore vs. Bars

Always check the price of both ore and bars on the AH. Sometimes you can make gold just by buying the ore, smelting it, and selling it as bars. Sometimes the ore goes for more than the bars, so be careful!

Titansteel Bars

Titansteel is used for making choppers/mechano-hogs and level 80 epic gear. It no longer has a daily cooldown and is a wonderful niche market. Keep an eye on both eternal and crystallized fire, earth, and water, as well as titanium bars and ore whenever you’re at the AH. You will need 450 mining to smelt Titansteel. (Tip: You can smelt 8 Saronite bars into a Titanium bar with an alchemist; using a transmute master will yield bonus bars occasionally.)