How To Pick a Selling Price or Research an Item on eBay

Researching the value of something on eBay is a quick and simple process. Whether you are looking to sell an item or simply research its value, the process is one and the same. You need an eBay account to use the advanced search features, even if you won’t be selling on eBay. If you’ve got a couple of minutes, you can look up the value of anything this way!

Step 1. Pick The Right Keywords

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Use keywords that you’d use to find your item if you were looking to buy it. For instance, “Mario Kart Wii”. Keep it simple and accurate.

Step 2. Narrow The Results

Using the category filters on the left side of the screen, along with other options (New vs. Used) will help ensure you’re comparing your item with items asĀ relevantĀ as possible. For instance, if you’re selling a cell phone, make sure you’re just browsing the phones category and not the accessories category.

Step 3. Sort The Results

Using the sort selection box, choose “Price + Shipping, Lowest First”. This will display the cheapest items at the top of the search results. On the left side of your screen, select “Buy It Now”. This will filter out items without a fixed asking price. If you’re selling with Buy It Now, you want to beat all of these prices if you can! Always include the shipping cost when determining the lowest price since the customer will be taking it into consideration.

Step 4. Check Completed Listings

Use the links at the top of the search results to browse through Sold and Completed listings. These will show what people actually paid for the item you’re researching or selling. If your asking price is too much higher than these prices – even if you’re the lowest available – you may need to lower your price to attract a buyer.

Step 5. Throw Out Useless Data

Not all items that come up in your search will be valid for comparison. Learn to spot these items and ignore them when doing price research. Make sure the items you’re using for a point of comparison are similar to what you’re selling. Also make sure the prices are in line with the item’s value. Just because only one or two of an item is available doesn’t mean a buyer will necessarily pay the lowest price available if it’s ridiculously overpriced!