5 Reasons To Avoid eBay’s Valet Program

Two years ago eBay scrapped their Trading Assistant program and replaced it with the pile of garbage that is the Valet program. This replaced quality trader-client relationships with impersonal, unreliable service. Thankfully, I’ve been able to find my own clients now that I’m too small for eBay to consider sending me leads. But it still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth how eBay left their trading assistants in the dust after over a decade of operating the TA program. Here are five reasons why you should skip the Valet and find yourself a local trading assistant to work with instead:

Reason #1: The Fees (And Lack of Profits)

The eBay Valet service uses a sliding scale to determine how much you’ll receive from the proceeds of your sale. For less expensive items, you’ll only get 60%. This is a bit on the low side. Compounded with the fact that Valets typically sell your item below market price to sell super quickly – since they have to sell items for many people simultaneously to meet eBay’s minimum listing requirements to be a Valet – you’re going to be giving a lot of your profit away unnecessarily.

Reason #2: Item Limitations

According to the Valet website, there are many items eBay Valets won’t accept. Items under $40 aren’t accepted. On the other end of the spectrum, expensive luxury items aren’t welcome either. The categories of items you can sell through a Valet are rather limited.

Reason #3: Speed of Payment

eBay Valet claims they will send you payment four weeks after the transaction is closed. This is a ridiculously long amount of time, and there’s simply no reason anyone should hold your money hostage for a month.

Reason #4: Communication

When you send your items to a Valet, you don’t get their personal contact info to communicate with them. You don’t get any say in pricing and listing details. The only communication available is impersonal and of limited usefulness. With a personal trading assistant, you aren’t treated like just a number.

Reason #5: Quality of Service

In order to become a Valet, eBay requires that you have the ability to list 100,000 items per month. Do you think someone who lists 100,000 items per month is going to give each and every one of your listings the attention to detail that they need? And do you think they’re going to have time to give you the personal attention you need? Probably not. With a Valet, you have zero control over your listings. With a trading assistant, you have a lot more flexibility.