Picking a Gilded Hero in Clicker Heroes

gildsEvery transcension, upon defeating the boss at level 100 for the first time, and every 10th level after that, you will receive 1 gilded hero at random. As you get farther into the game, you can start moving the gilds to other heroes in order to increase your DPS. This guide will help you determine when to start moving gilds and which hero(es) to place the gilds on.

This guide has been updated for version 1.0e10 of Clicker Heroes.

The Power 5

Until you’re at the point where you can spend 80 HS per gild to directly move gilds to The Masked Samurai, you’ll be leveling the “Power 5”: Treebeast, Ivan, Brittany, the Seer and Samurai. You can use the “random degild” option to move gilds to these 5, but it’s not necessary to do so. If you do this, don’t spend more than 10% of your hero souls on moving gilds.

The Masked Samurai

Once your runs are getting to about level 500, you should have enough HS to move your gilds directly (Shift-click) for 80 HS each. Once you can comfortably afford to do so, move your gilds onto Samurai. Continue spending most of your hero souls on leveling ancients, as that will help boost your progress more than regilding.


Once you’re able to level Samurai up to 2425 (that’s his hero level – not your zone level) then it’s optimal to move your gilds over to Atlas. Level Atlas to 725 before moving the gilds. If you can’t instantly clear all the zones before you can buy Atlas, move 1 gild onto Samurai and level him until you have enough gold for Atlas. This is known as a “transition gild”.

Terra through Wepwawet

For all of these heroes, you will follow one simple rule: Put all your gilds onto the best hero you can level to 1000 (hero level, not zone level.) Once you can level Atlas to 1500, you’ll be able to level Terra to 1000 so you can move your gilds over. Once Terra is 1500, you regild to Phthalo, and so on all the way down to when Gog is 1500 and you regild to Wepwawet.

Wepwawet, Betty & Midas

At level 1500, Wepwawet unlocks an ability that gives Betty Clicker a huge DPS boost. She becomes the best hero until the boost to King Midas at 2000 Wepwawet. Betty Clicker can often be skipped, as it is a very narrow range where she is the optimal hero. If you can level Wepwawet to 2000 without slowing down, then skip Betty.

Returning to Gog & Wepwawet

Once you can get Wepwawet to 5000, he becomes the best hero once again. If you can get Wepwawet to 5000 without slowing down, then you can skip both Betty and Midas. Beyond that, Wepwawet and Gog alternate being optimal every 500 levels, mathematically speaking. But for practical purposes, you can keep it simple and leave your gilds on Wepwawet at 5000 as the difference isn’t very noticeable.

After Transcending

Once you’ve transcended a couple of times, you can skip the random regilding into the Power 5 and head straight to Samurai. Depending on how far along you are into the game, you may even be able to skip straight to Atlas. The same rules will apply; regild to Atlas at 2425 Samurai, and then use the best hero you can get to 1000 without slowing down.

When To Regild & Transition Gilding

While you can regild as much as you want if you have enough hero souls available, you don’t need to regild while you’re instantly killing monsters. Once you see health bars appear, that’s the time you want to regild to your most optimal hero. It’s not necessary to regild before then.

“Transition gilding” refers to putting gild(s) on a lower level hero until you unlock your main gilded hero. Once the cost of regilding is negligible, you can dump all your gilds on any hero you want (Treebeast, Samurai, etc.) until you get further into your ascension and have enough gold to level up your optimal hero.

Don’t Forget – Level First, Move Gilds After

When you’re getting ready to move your gilds to the next hero, always make sure it’s leveled to 1000 (725 for Atlas, and 5000 for Wepwawet the second time) before transferring your gilds over. If you don’t, you’ll slow down considerably until you get a treasure chest.

1.0e3 Update – Tsuchi, Skogur, Moeru, Zilar, Madzi

For these five new “elemental” heroes, you can regild to each as your main gilded hero as soon as you unlock them. One level of each of these heroes far surpasses thousands of levels of the previous hero because the gap between each of these heroes is so wide.

1.0e10 Update – Xavira, Cadu, Ceus, The Maw, Yachiyl

  • Xavira is optimal to use as soon as you can buy one level.
  • Cadu and Ceus buff each other and are gilded in an alternating fashion as described in the regilding chart (link below). You can start using Cadu (or Ceus) as soon as you can buy one level.
  • The Maw is optimal to use as soon as you can buy one level.
  • Yachiyl doesn’t do more damage than The Maw until you can buy the first upgrade at level 157,500.

Quick Reference Guide

You can use this regilding chart as an easy reference tool for when to move your gilds. For more information on gilded heroes, check out the Gilded Heroes FAQ from the Clicker Heroes Wiki.